Emergency Call-Ups: EBUG (EveryBody Underestimates Goalies)

New Podcast Alert: Emergency Call-Ups, hosted by @quarkyhockey

Emergency Call-Ups: EBUG (EveryBody Underestimates Goalies)
Photo by Mariah Hewines / Unsplash

The lost Net Growth guest episodes are finally here!

For those who are unfamiliar, Net Growth is a podcast, currently on hiatus, where Mike Murphy, Alyssa Longmuir, and I (Carlie Markey) bring you into the world of women's hockey statistics and analytics. We covered everything from player evaluation, and team projections to upcoming projects and their take on current events from an analytical and statistical perspective.

Despite wanting to bring in guests to explain their brilliant works to us and the audience, we rarely had the time in between the many developments happening in the PHF and PWHPA. To rectify this, I've begun this podcast series, Emergency Call-Ups, which will feature analysts, researchers, coaches, and others from around the women's hockey world to talk about how they create and use analytics.

Our first guest is Geremy (Giants in the Crease), who is arguably the world's only expert in women's hockey goalie analytics (if there's another out there please reach out; I would love to have you on the podcast!). He joined me to give me his thirty-second pitch of why Florence Schelling should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame, what the most important goalie statistic is, PWHL goalie storylines to watch out for, and what goalie is on the verge of a breakout year.

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