CWHL announces Board of Directors, responds to losing investor

Seven of the 11 new Board members are female

The CWHL announced their next Board of Directors following their annual general meeting earlier this week.

Four Directors are returning from the previous iteration of the Board — Laurel Walzak as the Chair of the Board, Art Mannarn as the Vice Chair, Vicky Sunohara, and Allyson Fox. The league added Stephanie Bowamn, Kevin Gilmore, Jeff Haltretch, Julia Holland, Karen Rubin, Kim Smither, and Richard Venn.

Seven of the 11 board members are females. Their backgrounds range from former players (such as Sunohara and Fox), to lawyers, to marketing, to financial services.

The role of the Board, as stated on the CWHL’s site, is to guide “the CWHL through strategic and financial planning.” They are an independent Board and lead by an internal Executive body. As interim commissioner, Jayna Hefford is an Advisor to the Board; however, she has no voting power.

The league also addressed the news from earlier this week of W. Graeme Roustan pulling his financial backing as well as leaving the Board.

“While Mr. Graeme Roustan did resign as a member of the CWHL on the eve of the annual general meeting, we wish to confirm that Mr. Roustan’s departure will not impede or hinder the future of the CWHL or the growth of women’s hockey.”

The league asserted that Roustan and the ensuing articles from Wednesday overstated the monetary contributions and impact Roustan leaving will have. They also stressed the strength and stability of the CWHL.