CWHL and NWHL collaborate for the SheIS Campaign

Eight sports leagues team up to promote the growth of girls’ and women’s sports at every level.

Today Doug Feinberg of the AP reported that eight sports leagues — including the CWHL and NWHL — are choosing to collaborate to support the growth of women’s sports. Other leagues involved include the WNBA, National Women’s Pro Fastpitch League, and the US Tennis Association. These leagues will collaborate to increase their resources, viewership, and attendance. They will also work to raise funding and attract sponsors together.

Credit for the idea belongs to CWHL commissioner Brenda Andress. She developed the idea for SheIS last November.

“This collective sports voice has never been heard,” Andress explained. “I wanted to create  some type of program or challenge to bring women together that was born out of positivity. So I thought of SheIS. When I thought of myself, she is a grandmother with young kids. She is a commissioner. She is a hockey player. She is anything she wants to be. That’s where  SheIS came from.”

The mission statement of the SheIS campaign illustrates its intention to promote the growth of women’s sports at every level.

SheIS represents a sisterhood through sports, and a cross-pollination of support for women and girls everywhere.

It is the goal of SheIS to initiate support at all levels of sport, from professional to grassroots. Our aim is to not only encourage representation of the sport(s) in which you currently play or watch, but to show support for other female sports, and in turn for the benefits to girls and women achieved through participation.

Visitors of can take a pledge to show their commitment to supporting girls and women through sports.

“I decided to take the SheIS pledge to make a greater impact on female sport,” Toronto Furies goaltender Sami Jo Small stated in the CWHL’s press release. “I will be challenging all of my teammates, friends, and co-workers to watch and support female sports, and I hope the challenge as a whole provides greater exposure for professional female sports to a wider audience.”