Cubs Win! Women’s Hockey Reacts to Chicago’s Victory

It’s been 108 years, and let’s just say that there were some people who were VERY excited about the win.

108 years is a long time to wait for anything. Heck, women’s hockey (depending on who you ask) started around 1916, which still isn’t as long ago as the Chicago Cubs had to wait for their World Series win.

The Cubs dug themselves out of a 3-1 deficit to take Game 7 in Cleveland and the world exploded. This is the kind of victory that transcends sports, and there were a lot of familiar faces in women’s hockey who were thrilled to see the win. In case you didn’t see their posts because you were too busy crying/cheering/singing “Go Cubs Go”/drinking, we decided to make your life easier and put the best Cubs posts we could find in one convenient location.

Buffalo Beauts forward Harrison Browne made EVERYONE jealous when he posted a picture of himself AT the historic Game 7. How did he get tickets???? Nobody knows.

After nine excruciating innings for both Cleveland and Cubs fans, the game was knotted up at six runs apiece before- WHAT? THEY’RE ROLLING OUT THE TARP?? Buffalo Beauts co-coach Craig Muni was not happy about it.

Neither was Illinois native and Brampton Thunder forward Hayley Williams, who just wanted some sleep.

But this IS the World Series, and Boston Blades forward Megan Myers wasn’t about to let a little thing like sleep get in the way of it.

And THEN, of course, there was the epic comeback. When the Cubs earned their final out of the season to seal the deal... no words.

It wasn’t all smiles, but it was all love! Brianne McLaughlin showed her Cleveland pride while cleaning up after some hard-core Game 7 celebrating. Not easy when you have a Cubs AND a Cleveland fan in the same house.

Lex Hoff pulled out the Back to the Future reference, which JUST missed predicting the championship by a year.

Anyways, it’s fine, it’s fine...we’re just going to go cry now. Go Cubs Go! #FlyTheW

Throwback... Can't believe Chicago finally ended their drought. Congrats 👏#wrigley #cubs

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