All general manager positions open in the CWHL for 2017-18 season

The CWHL front offices might look a little different next season.

In an unexpected move Friday, the CWHL posted a tweet looking for new GMs for some of their teams...that’s teams, plural.

The league has posted openings for the general managers for the Boston, Toronto, Calgary, and Brampton franchises. That’s four of the five CWHL teams- the only team that is apparently keeping their GM from last season (Meg Hewings) is Les Canadiennes de Montreal.

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed by the league that it’s not just four teams that are looking for a new GM: it’s all of them. Though the Montreal GM job isn’t posted (yet) the league says that all positions will be open to the public and that GMs were made aware of the situation before the postings went up.

The positions are moving from part-time to full-time, per the league, with salaries anywhere from $25,000-$40,000 based on experience, according to the league’s website.

Also something worth pointing out- the league is moving to a 30-game season, if the GM position descriptions are accurate. (The full job description can be found here)

The Toronto posting, at least, makes sense. Yesterday the league announced that former GM Rebecca Michael would be leaving her position as the team GM; she was promoted to the Director of Hockey Operations for the CWHL, which means that her position as a team GM is now open.

But the other three openings seem a little strange. Calgary had a new GM last season, Jeff Stevenson, who took over after former GM Chantal Champagne left the position Also assisting him in his new role last year was former CWHL player Kristen Hagg, who was the team’s assistant GM. Boston’s GM for the last two years now has been Krista Patronick, who has quickly become a fan favorite in the league and Boston, and Brampton’s former GM, Lori Dupuis, has been with her team since 2013.

It’s not quite clear what the openings mean: did nearly every GM just decide their time with the league is over? That seems odd, considering how committed to the leagues GM’s like Patronick and Dupuis are, but it’s not impossible. Some of them may be promoted, like Michael was, and announcements just haven’t been made public.

But if you’ve ever wanted to run a hockey team, now may be the time to apply...

UPDATE: The CWHL officially announced that Dupuis will be retiring from her league. Former CWHL player Chelsea Purcell will take her place for now as the interim GM.