Canadian PWHPA teams are set to play in Calgary

The three teams will play the Canadian Dream Gap Tour

After a long season with no games, the three PWHPA teams based in Canada are finally going to take the ice! From May 24 through May 30, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary will play in a series of games for the Canadian Dream Gap Tour Cup in Calgary.

Each team will play the other twice with the top two teams playing the championship game, for a total of seven games over the seven days. They’ll use the new scoring system that awards extra standings points for a hat trick, short-handed goal, shutout, or a team scoring more than five goals in game. The games will be played in a “quarantined environment” with no fans.

Sportsnet will have the “exclusive English-language TV and streaming coverage.” Three games on May 28, 29, and 30 will be on their national TV network with the first four days of games on their streaming platform, SN NOW. The organization will announce the full streaming details later.

Like the US-based stops, the PWHPA will be partnering with the local NHL club. According to the release, the Calgary Flames will “provide financial assistance, as well as access to various organizational resources.” The PWHPA also has a partnership with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

By the time the puck drops, this will be the fourth event for the PWHPA as a whole this season. The two US teams - Minnesota and New Hampshire - played two games each in New York and Chicago. Their third stop is currently planned for May 16 and 17 in St. Louis, rescheduling of an earlier event that was postponed due to COVID.  Minnesota leads the US Dream Gap Tour Cup with three wins and eight points to New Hampshire's one win and two points.

Rosters as of October 2020

Alexandra Poznikoff (f)Alexandra Labelle (f)Alexis Woloschuk (d)
Amanda Pelkey (f)AnnRenee Desbiens (g)Amanda Makela (g)
Blayre Turnbull (f)AnnSophie Bettez (f)Brianne Jenner (f)
Brianna Decker (f)Catherine Daoust (d)Brittany Howard (f)
Brigette Lacquette (d)Catherine Dubois (f)Carolyne Prevost (f)
Erica Kromm (f)Emerance Maschmeyer (g)Christina Ieradi (f)
Halli Krzyzaniak (d)Emily Clark (f)Claire Thompson (d)
Hanna Bunton (f)Erin Ambrose (d)Ella Matteucci (d)
Iya Gavrilova (f)Genevieve Lacasse (g)Ella Shelton (d)
Jordyn Zacharias (f)Jaime Bourbonnais (d)Erica Howe (g)
Kacey Bellamy (d)Jessie Eldridge (f)Jamie Lee Rattray (f)
Kaitlin Willoughby (f)Jill Saulnier (f)Jocelyne Larocque (d)
Kassidy Sauvé (g)Karell Emard (f)Kayla Vespa (f)
Katelyn Gosling (d)Kim Poirier (d)Kristen Richards (f)
Kristen Campbell (g)Kristin O'Neill (f)Laura Fortino (d)
Laura Dostaler (f)Laura Stacey (f)Loren Gabel (f)
MacKenzie Ebel (f)Lauriane Rougeau (d)Madison Field (f)
Marlène Boissonnault (g)MariePhilip Poulin (f)Natalie Spooner (f)
Meaghan Mikkelson (d)MarieSoleil Deschênes (g)Nicole Kosta (f)
Megan Grenon (d)Maude Gelinas (f)Renata Fast (d)
Micah ZandeeHart (d)Melanie Desrochers (d)Sarah Nurse (f)
Rebecca Johnston (f)Melodie Daoust (f)Shannon Stewart (f)
Rhianna Kurio (f)Rebecca Leslie (f)Shea Tiley (g)
Samantha Cogan (f)Samantha Isbell (d)Tess Bracken (d)
Sarah Potomak (f)Sarah Lefort (f)Victoria Bach (f)
Dean Seymoure (HC)Laura McIntosh (HC)
Katie Greenway (AC)PJ MIchael (AC)
Adam Redmond (AC)
Kevin Stone (AC)

In October 2020, the PWHPA released the region rosters though they are obviously subject to change for the tournament.