Canada wins 2022 U18 World Championships, 3-2

It was another classic Canada v USA game.

It doesn’t matter how old (or young) the players are, a USA and Canada gold medal game will always bring the drama and excitement. The 2022 U18 World Championships gold medal game was no different.

Let’s take a look back at all the goals.

CANADA 1 - USA 0, 14:26 of the first period
Alexia Aubin (or maybe Ava Murphy)

The IIHF couldn’t seem to figure out who got this goal as the official scoring went back and forth for a while. They seemed to settle on Aubin tipping Murphy’s shot from the point for Canada’s first goal of the game - and their first power play goal of the whole tournament.

CANADA 2 - USA 0, 8:24 of the second period
Ava Murphy

Murphy definitely scores this one as she one-times it from the between the top of the circles. She had all the time and space in the world here and took full advantage of it.

CANADA 3 - USA 0, 7:26 of the second period
Jocelyn Amos

Just 58 seconds after Murphy’s goal, Amos grabs a rebound off her backhand to give Canada a huge lead late in the second period.

CANADA 3 - USA 1, 1:37 of the second period
Finley McCarthy

On the power play, McCarthy just skates around a Canadian defender, completely taking her out of the play, before ripping off a shot from just steps inside the blue line.

CANADA 3 - USA 2, 1:30 of the second period
Claire Enright

Literally seven seconds later, right off the face off, Enright grabs a rebound and scores to bring the US within one goal of tying the game.

Really late in the third period, the US thought they had it, but the post saved Canada.

Canada would hang on to win the gold medal, 3-2.