Canada beats US, 2-1, in Elite Women’s 3-on-3 Game at NHL All-Star Skills Competition

Plus how Poulin and Knight fared in the Shooting Stars event

Elite Women’s 3-on-3 Game

Wow wow wow! The game was a tad bit lower scoring then expected but wow was it fun! Remember it 2 10-minute running clock halves.

Let’s take a look at all three goals scored.

CANADA GOAL by Rebecca Johnston in the first half

Canada: 1
USA: 0

Johnston turns on the jets here and beats Alex Cavillini stick side.

CANADA GOAL by Melodie Daoust in the second half

Canada: 2
USA: 0

Daoust used the fact that this was a 3-on-3 game to her advantage. The three Americans on the ice were all forwards and gave her a lot of space.

USA GOAL by Hilary Knight

Canada: 2
USA: 1

With just over a quarter of the game left, Knight cuts the lead in half off a great pass by Annie Pankowski.

The star of the game was far and away Canadian goaltender Ann-Renee Desbiens. She was lights out all night.

Shooting Stars

A player from each country was voted into the Shooting Stars competition. The new event put players 30 feet above the ice and gave them seven shots to score as many points as possible.

No surprise that Hilary Knight and Marie-Philip Poulin were the two voted in via fans on Twitter.

Poulin took a bit to get settled in to the new event. It certainly seemed like a different type of shooting to get the puck into or bouncing off one of the targets. She finished with 15 points after hitting the big 10 point target.

Knight struggled a bit more. She hit a four point target on her bounce. Then on her last shot nailed the 10 point arch for 14 points.

Poulin finished in 4th place while Knight finished tied for 5th with three NHL players.

Photos from NHL All-Star Red Carpet