BOO! The Ice Garden’s Unofficial Halloween Costume Rankings

Who had the best costume in women’s hockey this year?

Fiona McKenna and Kelsey Koelzer (Riveters)

The dedication. The artistry of Koelzer’s completely straight face. 10/10 all around.

Liv Chu-Ouellette

10/10. LOOK AT THIS. Not only is she adorable, she’s also a STINGER. Get it? Because her moms coach at Concordia? OMG.

Charlie Pelkey (Amanda Pelkey, Pride)

I’m only giving this a 9/10 because I’m confused about the costume. It seems like there’s a stem on the body pumpkin part and one on the head part. Is she one pumpkin or two? A mysterious double-stemmed pumpkin? I dunno, but she’s adorable.

Kacey Bellamy (Inferno)

I can only give this an 8/10 because it’s a throwback and there doesn’t seem to have been a costume this year. But it’s a strong 8 - look how cute this idea is. Plus, according to this video, her mom made these costumes, which is amazing.

Nicole Hensley (Beauts)

Another throwback, another strong 8/10. Those bangs!

Marie-Philip Poulin (Canadiennes)

I’m really not sure what’s going on here (I think she’s a bunny?) BUT - the expression on her face is such a mood that I’m willing to give her a 7/10 anyway, in spite of my confusion and the throwback. Honorable mention to her brother’s sick goatee.

Rebecca Russo (Riveters)

Anyone who knows me knows I am terrified of clowns. That being said, this is a really good clown costume, because I am very scared of it. So I’ll give her a 9/10, -1 for missing the opportunity to wear a red clown’s nose and clown shoes.

Anya Battaglino + Madison Packer

10/10. Although I was confused for a second and thought Anya might have been a turkey (sorry Anya), the picture of Packer HOLDING HER UP made up for that. Look at the joy on the sushi’s face! Makes me feel so much better about eating sushi, seriously.

Brittany Ott (Pride)

Look, I have to give this a 7/10. 7 for dressing up and handing out candy to kids, which is what Halloween is all about. But, Ott is an EMT, so I’m pretty sure this is her work uniform, which makes this less exciting (but very efficient).

Mallory Souliotis (Pride)

9/10. Anyone who has ever had a cat can appreciate how difficult it would have to have been to get a cat in a pirate costume, especially one that’s already mad about the cone of shame. Plus, look at the matching smiles on Mal and her “wide retriever”! (Get it?)

Katie Fitzgerald (Riveters)

A strong 9/10. This is a very good look and not enough people dress up as literary characters. (She’s Ponyboy, by the way.)

Kimberly Sass (Riveters)

8/10 because, I’ll be honest, this took me a second until I read the caption. That being said, it’s super clever, and fun in an understated, classy kind of way.

Zoe + Tori Hickel (Inferno)

8/10. 8 for the super intense amount of effort and multiple angles, but also because I will pay anyone fifty bucks if you can explain to me who they’re supposed to be, because I have no idea. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, though.

Elena Orlando (Whale)

8/10. I would have loved more angles of this, but the ketchup and mustard holsters are hilarious.

Sam Walther (Whale)

Have to give the Gritty costume a 10/10.

Honorable Mentions:

RMU Women’s Hockey and their men’s team had some fun spooking each other.

Gopher Women’s Hockey dressed up for practice.