All’s fair in love and hockey at WWIIA championship

The Netherlands won the game 5-4 but Cloë Keijzer and Katie Henry won all of our hearts.

Great Britain and the Netherlands opened their tournaments at the IIHF Division IIA Women's World Championship on Sunday, with the Netherlands taking the game 5-4.

Dutch defender Cloë Keijzer's team came away with the victory and British forward Katie Henry recorded two assists in a losing effort, but both of them came away winners.

After the game, 24-year-old Keijzer proposed to Henry, her longtime partner. As she got down on one knee, a group of her teammates pulled off their t-shirts to reveal warm-ups reading "#6 MARRY ME?", prompting cheers from Dutch and British teammates as Henry accepted.

Though they face off against each other on the world stage, the pair are teammates more often than opponents.

The couple have played their club hockey together since 2012-13, their first of two seasons in the Swedish first division in Norrköping, Sweden. They moved to Stockholm-based SDE HF in the Riksserien (now SDHL), Sweden's top league, in 2014-15 and have spent the past two years playing with the Solihull Vixens of the English Women's Elite League, where Henry is team captain and Keijzer wears an 'A.'