Air Canada Named Premier Partner of the PWHL

Air Canada and the PWHL have announced partnership ahead of the inaugural season.

Air Canada Named Premier Partner of the PWHL
Photo by Ross Parmly / Unsplash

Air Canada has been named an “Inaugural Premier Partner” and official airline of the PWHL. According to the league's press release, Air Canada will assist in travel of the first six teams and promote the league across their marketing channels.

Per the press release, Air Canada will be granted the intellectual property for all six PWHL teams. In layman's terms, that means they will be allowed to use “PWHL City” in their ads and across communication platforms.

With this partnership, viewers can expect to see an ad campaign called, “We All Fly.” The ad with feature young PWHL hopefuls with Olympian Mélodie Daoust. The advertisement will premiere prior to each team’s home opener.

In addition, PWHL Montréal jerseys will feature a patch for the airlines. This is the first jersey ad we have seen for the PWHL. While are just days away from the season opener, it's possible we could see more ad patches come the second half or postseason.

This is an opportunity for better traveling conditions as well as good PR. In the past, hockey players have had issues getting their gear to and from destinations. Hopefully, this means there will be less broken and lost equipment along the way.