A mid-season N-WHKYe snapshot

Who’s having the biggest year?

We’ve seen some incredible performances in the first half of the 2021-22 season including Marie Philip-Poulin piling up eight points in six games in the Rivalry Series/My Why Tour, Lara Stalder continuing her dominance of the SDHL, Mikyla Grant-Mentis blazing a path through the PHF with 15 points in nine games, Alex Poznikoff firing on all cylinders for Calgary in the PWHPA, and a slew of high-scoring seasons in the world of collegiate hockey.

But, who is having the best 2021-22 season so far? Well, one way to answer that question is N-WHKYe.

If you’ve never heard of N-WHKYe, don’t worry, we are just the site to catch you up. In short, it is a method to standardize offensive production across over three dozen women’s hockey leagues the world over. So, apologies in advance to goalies and defenders because N-WHKYe is all about piling up points.

Networked Women’s Hockey Equivalency (N-WHKYe) is a metric that allows for the standardization of offensive production across more than 40 Women’s hockey leagues around the world.

N-WHKYe: Showing what a point is worth in women’s hockey

Mikael Nahabedian, one of the creators of the metric in question, was kind enough to provide me with a mid-season look at N-WHKYe rankings. Because the world keeps turning, these rankings change with each game played in a women’s hockey league but the rankings we’ll look at were a snapshot of the rankings at the start of the New Year when many leagues were taking a holiday break.

The data set has a couple of thousand skaters, so I’ll spare your monitors and smartphones by embedding the entire table. Instead, let’s look at the pro leagues that were found to be the most competitive as of 2018-19 — the NWHL (now PHF), SDHL, and ZhHL. Note: the CWHL was at the top of the list but, as you likely already know, shut down a few years ago. So, I consider the PHF, SDHL, and ZhHL to be the top leagues in the world in terms of competition and level of talent. For those who are curious, according to the N-WHKYe dashboard, Finland’s Naisten-Liiga and SWHL-A (Switzerland) round out the top five.

It’s also critical to note that the PWHPA is not a league so it is difficult to find a place for it here. With that being said, I’d weigh Poznikoff’s play in the PWHPA against a lot of the best seasons we’ve seen elsewhere.

PHF, SDHL, and ZhHL N-WHKe at the Holiday Break

Lara Stalder FSDHL (Sweden)1.01
Katerina Mrazova FSDHL (Sweden)0.77
Mikyla Grant-Mentis FPHF (North America)0.70
Petra Nieminen FSDHL (Sweden)0.65
Madison Packer FPHF (North America)0.63
Rebecca Russo FPHF (North America)0.63
Josefin Bouveng FSDHL (Sweden)0.61
Noora Tulus FSDHL (Sweden)0.61
Noemi Ryhner FSDHL (Sweden)0.59
Jenni Hiirikoski DSDHL (Sweden)0.57
Emma Nordin FSDHL (Sweden)0.55
Kennedy Marchment FPHF (North America)0.54
Hanna Olsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.51
Maja Nylén Persson DSDHL (Sweden)0.50
Sydney Brodt FSDHL (Sweden)0.49
Jaycee Gebhard FSDHL (Sweden)0.47
Denisa Krizova FSDHL (Sweden)0.46
Sarah Bujold FSDHL (Sweden)0.45
Viivi Vainikka FSDHL (Sweden)0.42
Lina Ljungblom FSDHL (Sweden)0.42
Taylor Accursi FPHF (North America)0.42
Kali Flanagan DPHF (North America)0.42
Felizia Wikner Zienkiewicz FSDHL (Sweden)0.41
Anna Shokhina FZhHL (Russia)0.40
Josefine Høegh Persson FSDHL (Sweden)0.40
Taylor Girard FPHF (North America)0.38
Shiann Darkangelo FPHF (North America)0.37
Jillian Dempsey FPHF (North America)0.37
McKenna Brand FPHF (North America)0.37
Amanda Boulier DPHF (North America)0.37
Emma Murén FSDHL (Sweden)0.37
Wilma Nilsson DSDHL (Sweden)0.37
Andrea Dalen FSDHL (Sweden)0.35
Anna Meixner FSDHL (Sweden)0.35
Dominique Kremer DPHF (North America)0.34
Anjelica Diffendal FPHF (North America)0.34
Autumn MacDougall FPHF (North America)0.34
Cassidy Vinkle FPHF (North America)0.34
Cassidy MacPherson FPHF (North America)0.34
Nicol Lucak Cupkova FZhHL (Russia)0.33
Michela Cava FPHF (North America)0.33
Lindsay Eastwood DPHF (North America)0.33
Kaitlyn Tougas FSDHL (Sweden)0.32
Lenka Serdar FSDHL (Sweden)0.32
Julia Östlund FSDHL (Sweden)0.32
Amanda Conway FPHF (North America)0.31
Justine Reyes FSDHL (Sweden)0.31
Nicoline Söndergaard Jensen FSDHL (Sweden)0.31
Tereza Vanisova FSDHL (Sweden)0.31
Jaycee Magwood FSDHL (Sweden)0.31
Olga Sosina FZhHL (Russia)0.30
Yelena Dergachyova FZhHL (Russia)0.30
Danielle Stone FSDHL (Sweden)0.29
Alyssa Wohlfeiler FPHF (North America)0.29
Phoebe Staenz FSDHL (Sweden)0.29
Taylor Woods DPHF (North America)0.28
Kendall Cornine FPHF (North America)0.28
Janine Weber FPHF (North America)0.28
Colleen Murphy DPHF (North America)0.28
Lisa Johansson FSDHL (Sweden)0.28
Hannah Miller FSDHL (Sweden)0.28
Josefine Jakobsen FSDHL (Sweden)0.28
Christina Putigna FPHF (North America)0.26
Samantha Davis FPHF (North America)0.26
Olivia Zafuto DSDHL (Sweden)0.26
Madelen Haug Hansen FSDHL (Sweden)0.26
Jessica Adolfsson DSDHL (Sweden)0.26
Emma Vlasic FPHF (North America)0.25
Allie Munroe DPHF (North America)0.25
Shannon Turner DPHF (North America)0.25
Emma Keenan DPHF (North America)0.25
Anna Shibanova DZhHL (Russia)0.25
Ronja Savolainen DSDHL (Sweden)0.25
Valeria Pavlova FZhHL (Russia)0.25
Veronika Korzhakova FZhHL (Russia)0.24
Kayla Friesen FPHF (North America)0.24
Anna Kjellbin DSDHL (Sweden)0.24
Julia Tylke FSDHL (Sweden)0.24
Emily Fluke FPHF (North America)0.23
Emma Woods FPHF (North America)0.23
Nina Pirogova DZhHL (Russia)0.23
Aneta Tejralova DZhHL (Russia)0.23
Sanni Hakala FSDHL (Sweden)0.23
Polina Bolgareva FZhHL (Russia)0.23
Alexandra Vafina FZhHL (Russia)0.23
Mira Jungåker DSDHL (Sweden)0.22
Sarah-Ève Coutu-Godbout FSDHL (Sweden)0.22
Linnea Johansson FSDHL (Sweden)0.22
Alyona Starovoitova FZhHL (Russia)0.22
Yelizaveta Rodnova FZhHL (Russia)0.22
Erica Rieder DSDHL (Sweden)0.21
Jenny Antonsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.21
Agnez Svensson FSDHL (Sweden)0.21
Catherine Crawley FPHF (North America)0.21
Jonna Curtis FPHF (North America)0.21
Meghara McManus FPHF (North America)0.21
Allie Thunstrom FPHF (North America)0.21
Nora MacLaine FPHF (North America)0.21
Emily Janiga FPHF (North America)0.21
Theresa Knutson FPHF (North America)0.21
Jenna Rheault DPHF (North America)0.21
Kelly Babstock FPHF (North America)0.21
Rose Alleva DPHF (North America)0.21
Lyudmila Belyakova FZhHL (Russia)0.21
Thea Johansson FSDHL (Sweden)0.21
Linnéa Andersson DSDHL (Sweden)0.21
Michelle Löwenhielm FSDHL (Sweden)0.20
Oxana Bratishcheva FZhHL (Russia)0.20
Landysh Falyakhova FZhHL (Russia)0.19
Saana Valkama FSDHL (Sweden)0.19
Yekaterina Dobrodeyeva FZhHL (Russia)0.19
Yekaterina Ananyina FZhHL (Russia)0.19
Polina Luchnikova FZhHL (Russia)0.19
Viktoria Kulishova FZhHL (Russia)0.19
Olga Prokopenko FZhHL (Russia)0.19
Cailey Hutchison FPHF (North America)0.18
Marion Allemoz FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Olivia Carlsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Hanna Thuvik FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Sammy Kolowratova DSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Alice Östensson FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Julie Zwarthoed FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Mina Waxin DSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Kelly Murray DSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Emmy Alasalmi DSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Michelle Weis FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Linn Peterson FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Wilma Johansson FSDHL (Sweden)0.18
Elina Mitrofanova FZhHL (Russia)0.17
Maria Batalova DZhHL (Russia)0.17
Ilona Markova FZhHL (Russia)0.17
Wilma Sundin FSDHL (Sweden)0.17
Ebba Berglund DSDHL (Sweden)0.17
Rosa Lindstedt DSDHL (Sweden)0.17
Victoria Howran DPHF (North America)0.17
Emilie Harley FPHF (North America)0.17
Jenna Suokko FPHF (North America)0.17
Kassy Betinol FZhHL (Russia)0.16
Anna Savonina DZhHL (Russia)0.16
Fanuza Kadirova FZhHL (Russia)0.16
Nicole Hall FSDHL (Sweden)0.16
Vendula Pribylova FSDHL (Sweden)0.16
Aino Karppinen DSDHL (Sweden)0.16
Oxana Mitrofanova FZhHL (Russia)0.16
Sofiya Lifatova FZhHL (Russia)0.16
Taylor Wenczkowski FPHF (North America)0.16
Tori Sullivan FPHF (North America)0.16
Cristine Chao DPHF (North America)0.16
Kaleigh Fratkin DPHF (North America)0.16
Yelizaveta Shkalyova FZhHL (Russia)0.16
Maria Nadezhdina FZhHL (Russia)0.16
Gracen Hirschy FSDHL (Sweden)0.15
Lisa Östman FSDHL (Sweden)0.15
Yevgenia Dyupina FZhHL (Russia)0.15
Leah Lum FZhHL (Russia)0.15
Jenna Raunio FSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Tatyana Shatalova FZhHL (Russia)0.14
Wilma Sjölund FSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Hana Haasova FSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Sofia Ljung DSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Johanna Fällman DSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Emilie Kruse Johansen FSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Taylor Day FPHF (North America)0.14
Maegan Beres FPHF (North America)0.14
Brooke Boquist FPHF (North America)0.14
Kristen Barbara DPHF (North America)0.14
Liana Ganeyeva DZhHL (Russia)0.14
Jenna Pirttijärvi FSDHL (Sweden)0.14
Kajsa Armborg FSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Felicia Linder DSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Sofie Lundin FSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Silvía Björgvinsdóttir FSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Rachel Llanes FZhHL (Russia)0.13
Maja Grundström FSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Lore Baudrit FSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Mathea Fischer FSDHL (Sweden)0.13
Alevtina Polunina FZhHL (Russia)0.13
Anna Timofeyeva FZhHL (Russia)0.12
Taylor Turnquist DPHF (North America)0.12
Margot Desvignes FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Katerina Bukolska FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Lova Blom FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Hanna Sköld FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Ebba Hedqvist FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Isabelle Leijonhielm FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Anna Segedi FZhHL (Russia)0.12
Daniela Pejsova DSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Sabina Küller FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Alexandra Anderson DSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Mira Markström FSDHL (Sweden)0.12
Alexandra Nesterova FZhHL (Russia)0.12
Anna Andersson DSDHL (Sweden)0.11
Paula Bergström DSDHL (Sweden)0.11
Kristi Shashkina FZhHL (Russia)0.11
Kiana Wilkinson DSDHL (Sweden)0.11
Felicia Levin FSDHL (Sweden)0.11
Pernilla Forsgren DSDHL (Sweden)0.11
Kristina Glukharyova FZhHL (Russia)0.11
Stanislava Sidorenko FZhHL (Russia)0.11
Irina Tsatsyna DZhHL (Russia)0.11
Darya Zubok DZhHL (Russia)0.11
Haley Mack FPHF (North America)0.10
Mallory Souliotis DPHF (North America)0.10
Hannah Bates DPHF (North America)0.10
Mak Langei FPHF (North America)0.10
Missy Segall FPHF (North America)0.10
Kennedy Ganser FPHF (North America)0.10
Yelizaveta Zenchenko FZhHL (Russia)0.10
Maria Lobur FZhHL (Russia)0.10
Maria Lindberg FSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Elin Svensson FSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Yekaterina Nikolayeva DZhHL (Russia)0.10
Yelena Malinovskaya FZhHL (Russia)0.10
Yekaterina Lebedeva FZhHL (Russia)0.10
Angelina Goncharenko DZhHL (Russia)0.10
Hannah Clayton-Carroll FSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Leanne Ganney FSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Kayleigh Hamers DSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Emma Forsgren DSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Ebba Strandberg DSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Ksenia Tyurina FZhHL (Russia)0.10
Maddie Woo FZhHL (Russia)0.10
Tereza Radová DSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Stella Lindell FSDHL (Sweden)0.10
Yekaterina Likhachyova FZhHL (Russia)0.09
Darya Beloglazova FZhHL (Russia)0.09
Alsu Rakhimova FZhHL (Russia)0.09
Maria Pechnikova DZhHL (Russia)0.09
Leah Marino FPHF (North America)0.09
Taylor Davison DPHF (North America)0.09
Katelynn Russ FPHF (North America)0.09
Stephanie Sucharda DPHF (North America)0.09
Mira Hallin FSDHL (Sweden)0.09
Andrine Furulund FSDHL (Sweden)0.09
Reagan Rust FSDHL (Sweden)0.09
Olga Semenets FZhHL (Russia)0.09
Beiwei Yu DZhHL (Russia)0.09
Ella Albinsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.08
Marie-Jo Pelletier DPHF (North America)0.08
Grace Klienbach FPHF (North America)0.08
Maria Mikaelyan FZhHL (Russia)0.08
Sarah Forster DSDHL (Sweden)0.08
Yevgenia Larshina FZhHL (Russia)0.08
Lindsay Agnew FSDHL (Sweden)0.08
Taisiya Konshina FZhHL (Russia)0.08
Anastasia Shmelyova DZhHL (Russia)0.08
Svetlana Prokopenko FZhHL (Russia)0.08
Yekaterina Danilova DZhHL (Russia)0.08
Erica Udén Johansson FSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Astrid Lindeberg DSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Shannon Sigrist DSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Hilda Ljungberg FSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Wilma Hallberg FSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Haley Frade FPHF (North America)0.07
Mallory Rushton FPHF (North America)0.07
Rachael Ade DPHF (North America)0.07
Brooke Avery FPHF (North America)0.07
Abby Cook DPHF (North America)0.07
Janka Hlinka FPHF (North America)0.07
Alina Garipova DZhHL (Russia)0.07
Alina Narudinova FZhHL (Russia)0.07
Darya Medyutova FZhHL (Russia)0.07
Wilma Hjelm FSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Maria Alexandrova FZhHL (Russia)0.07
Marina Lazareva DZhHL (Russia)0.07
Karina Verkhovtseva FZhHL (Russia)0.07
Yelena Mezentseva FZhHL (Russia)0.07
Josefine Holmgren DSDHL (Sweden)0.07
Jessica Wong DZhHL (Russia)0.06
Olivia Lindberg FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Diana Bulatova FZhHL (Russia)0.06
Marthe Pabsdorff Brunvold FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Vilma Nilsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Ingrid Morset DSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Lindsey Donovan DSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Taylor Marchin DPHF (North America)0.06
Zhixin Liu DZhHL (Russia)0.06
Darya Teterina DZhHL (Russia)0.06
Polina Mordasova FZhHL (Russia)0.06
Alyona Loginova FZhHL (Russia)0.06
Olivia Sohrner DSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Wiktoria Sikorska FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Imola Horváth FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Mariam El-Mahmadi FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Moa Wernblom FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Emelie Berlin FSDHL (Sweden)0.06
Valeria Dryndina FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Viktoria Fyodorova FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Regina Yumaguzhina FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Anastasia Petina DZhHL (Russia)0.05
Yulia Nuyaksheva DZhHL (Russia)0.05
Anna Fairman DZhHL (Russia)0.05
Evelina Raselli FPHF (North America)0.05
Alex Woken FPHF (North America)0.05
Audra Morrison FPHF (North America)0.05
Patti Marshall DPHF (North America)0.05
Paige Capistran DPHF (North America)0.05
Stephanie Anderson FPHF (North America)0.05
Ashleigh Brykaliuk FPHF (North America)0.05
Emma Eriksson DSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Vendela Olsson DSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Malou Berggren DSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Sofia Sohlin FSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Anastasia Chistyakova DZhHL (Russia)0.05
Pavlina Horalkova DZhHL (Russia)0.05
Payge Pena FSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Jennifer Carlsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Frida Ekdahl FSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Annelie Zander DSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Nathalie Lidman DSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Annie Silén DSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Moa Gustafsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.05
Alexandra Budanova FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Tori Charron FPHF (North America)0.05
Sarah Steele DPHF (North America)0.05
Saroya Tinker DPHF (North America)0.05
Yekaterina Fedorkova FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Yana Krasheninina FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Anastasia Shabalina FZhHL (Russia)0.05
Natalya Vorontsova DZhHL (Russia)0.05
Yekaterina Davletshina FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Diana Zhalimova FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Qinan Zhao DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Lene Tendenes DSDHL (Sweden)0.04
Alyona Andryushchenko DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Angelina Makhmutova DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Yekaterina Prozorova DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Yana Minkina FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Maria Shirshova FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Anna Sviridova DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Matilda Holmberg DSDHL (Sweden)0.04
Tuva Kandell DSDHL (Sweden)0.04
Alina Ichayeva FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Polina Kirichenko FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Kristina Sergeyeva FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Emily Costales FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Irina Zhigulina FZhHL (Russia)0.04
Nina Baranova DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Johanna Lagus FSDHL (Sweden)0.04
Karin Svedberg FSDHL (Sweden)0.04
Yelena Provorova DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Karina Kondratova DZhHL (Russia)0.04
Diana Abdulina DZhHL (Russia)0.03
Olga Volodina FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Yekaterina Smolina FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Yulia Smirnova FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Varvara Boriskova FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Alexandra Pyrkova DZhHL (Russia)0.03
Lexie Laing FPHF (North America)0.03
Megan Eady DSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Linnea Hedin DSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Majken Gunnarsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Taylor Lum FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Irina Kuzevanova DZhHL (Russia)0.03
Yekaterina Zakharova FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Anastasia Mikhailova DZhHL (Russia)0.03
Maria Serova FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Tea Løkke Nyberg FSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Klara Kenttälä FSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Emelie Cordoba FSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Alva Solberg DSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Ebba Tärnfjord DSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Lisa Östrup FSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Oxana Shupenko FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Selma Tyreskog DSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Wilma Germundsson Wäng DSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Ella Jämsén FSDHL (Sweden)0.03
Darya Kovalenko DZhHL (Russia)0.03
Valeria Samoilova FZhHL (Russia)0.03
Xin Fang FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Sofya Boriskina FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Anastasia Petrova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Kamilla Mukhametdinova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Ilmira Taipova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Camryn Wong DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Alina Landyreva FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Irina Kuznetsova DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Kaitlin Tse DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Lidiya Malyavko FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Alyona Bobylyova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Johanna Kellander DSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Polina Doyanova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Alyona Zubkova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Alexandra Gorshkova DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Yelizaveta Dyundina FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Hanna Blomqvist DSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Sarah Lecavalier FSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Margot Möllersten DSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Vega Muñoz FSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Maja Ålenius DSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Julia Johansson DSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Maree Dijkema FSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Emma Pfeffer FSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Magdalena Winbo FSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Klara Seroiszkova DSDHL (Sweden)0.02
Polina Belozyorova DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Mengying Zhang FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Marina Lisina FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Yekaterina Shinkina FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Yelizaveta Velichko FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Maria Pushkar FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Anna Lopukhova FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Alyona Shmykova DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Ksenia Rakcheyeva FZhHL (Russia)0.02
Alexandra Gandzyuk DZhHL (Russia)0.02
Linnéa Pettersson Dove FSDHL (Sweden)0.01
Julia Perjus FSDHL (Sweden)0.01
Sofia Skriver FSDHL (Sweden)0.01
Linnea Adelbertsson FSDHL (Sweden)0.01
Maria Nikolayeva FZhHL (Russia)0.01
Tatyana Korablina FZhHL (Russia)0.01
Alina Smurova DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Viktoria Butorina FZhHL (Russia)0.01
Aisylu Rakhimova DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Yingying Guan FZhHL (Russia)0.01
Yekaterina Tishchenko FZhHL (Russia)0.01
Darya Kuznetsova DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Ksenia Kuimova DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Rui Zhu FZhHL (Russia)0.01
Alisa Kudelina DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Ulyana Sheven DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Vlada Nazarenko DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Lu Wen DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Polina Arkhipova DZhHL (Russia)0.01
Karina Akhmetova DZhHL (Russia)0.01

Before you start hammering out a tweet about how flawed these rankings are, it’s important to note that these rankings are blind to factors like total games played. All it cares about is a skaters’ rate of scoring, or Pts/GP (points per game). N-WHKYe has a lot of limitations, but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide valuable insight into things like how just how dominant Lara Stalder is in the SDHL or how exceptional Mikyla Grant-Mentis’ production is in the PHF this season.

Really, that is what N-WHKYe is all about — providing context to scoring rates and production in different leagues at different levels. It is because of this that we can use it as a tool to better understand what to expect from players when they move from one league to the next. What kind of production (Pts/GP) could we expect from a player who averaged 0.73 points per game in her USports career playing in the EWHL? Well, N-WHKYe can help us get a better idea of that. That’s pretty nifty, right?

Now, let’s take a look at some college hockey. Mikael provided the rankings of the top 500 players for NCAA D1 and USports to The Ice Garden, so let’s dive right in.

Top 500 NCAA D1 and USports Skaters in N-WHKYe at the Break

Gabbie HughesFNCAA0.86
Casey O'BrienFNCAA0.86
Makenna WebsterFNCAA0.83
Elle HartjeFNCAA0.82
Daryl WattsFNCAA0.81
Elizabeth GiguèreFNCAA0.80
Sophie JaquesDNCAA0.79
Jennifer GardinerFNCAA0.79
Caitrin LonerganFNCAA0.76
Claire DaltonFNCAA0.75
Jenna BuglioniFNCAA0.74
Clair DeGeorgeFNCAA0.74
Taylor HeiseFNCAA0.74
Kalty KaltounkovaFNCAA0.73
Danielle SerdachnyFNCAA0.72
Anna KleinFNCAA0.72
Alina MuellerFNCAA0.69
Anna KleinFNCAA0.66
Jade Downie-Landry Fusports-w0.65
Natalie HeisingFNCAA0.64
Charlotte WelchFNCAA0.61
Kiara ZanonFNCAA0.61
Theresa SchafzahlFNCAA0.61
Maureen MurphyFNCAA0.60
Gabrielle DavidFNCAA0.60
Dara GreigFNCAA0.60
Becca GilmoreFNCAA0.60
Brianna Gaffney Fusports-w0.59
Audrey Belzile Fusports-w0.59
Chloé AurardFNCAA0.59
Paetyn LevisFNCAA0.58
Keely MoyFNCAA0.58
Emma SeitzDNCAA0.58
Brittyn FlemingFNCAA0.57
Marika Labrecque Fusports-w0.56
Dominique PetrieFNCAA0.56
Skylar FontaineDNCAA0.55
Abigail BoreenFNCAA0.55
Neleh Vigneau Sargeant Fusports-w0.53
Courtney CorreiaFNCAA0.53
Gabby RosenthalFNCAA0.53
Peyton HempFNCAA0.50
Vanessa UpsonFNCAA0.50
Shae Demale Fusports-w0.49
Chanreet Bassi Fusports-w0.48
Sophie ShirleyFNCAA0.48
Maddi WheelerFNCAA0.48
Liz SchepersFNCAA0.48
Sadie PeartFNCAA0.48
Taylor LindFNCAA0.48
Rebecca VanstoneFNCAA0.48
Jenniina NylundFNCAA0.48
Anne BloomerFNCAA0.48
Gillis FrechetteFNCAA0.48
Bri EidDNCAA0.48
Tyra Meropoulis Fusports-w0.47
Maria Dominico Fusports-w0.47
Maggy Burbridge Fusports-w0.47
Catie SkajaFNCAA0.45
Maude Poulin-LabelleDNCAA0.45
Emily OdenFNCAA0.45
Megan BouveurFNCAA0.45
Jeannie WallnerFNCAA0.45
Rylind MacKinnon Dusports-w0.44
Katie KaufmanFNCAA0.44
Kristin Della RovereFNCAA0.44
Izzy DanielFNCAA0.44
Alexa HoskinFNCAA0.43
Nicole GoslingDNCAA0.43
Brigitte Laganière Fusports-w0.43
Émilie Lavoie Fusports-w0.43
Madison BizalDNCAA0.42
Sierra BurtFNCAA0.42
Kelly SolakDNCAA0.42
Lexie AdzijaFNCAA0.42
Clara Van WierenFNCAA0.42
Julia NearisFNCAA0.42
Chrissy Colizza Fusports-w0.42
Shay-Lee McConnell Fusports-w0.42
Megan Fergusson Fusports-w0.42
Krystin Lawrence Fusports-w0.42
Natálie MlynkováFNCAA0.41
Tess DettlingFNCAA0.41
Maggie ConnorsFNCAA0.41
Taylor Trussler Fusports-w0.41
Kelsey KingFNCAA0.41
Kristy PidgeonFNCAA0.41
Nicole LaMantiaDNCAA0.41
Brooke McQuiggeFNCAA0.41
Sydney BardDNCAA0.41
Katie ChanFNCAA0.41
Gabrielle De Serres Dusports-w0.40
Tamara ThiérusFNCAA0.40
Abby NewhookFNCAA0.40
Jenna RuizFNCAA0.40
Hannah BilkaFNCAA0.40
Lily DelianedisFNCAA0.40
Kira JuodikisFNCAA0.39
Alexa OcelFNCAA0.39
Sara BoucherFNCAA0.39
Viki HarknessFNCAA0.38
Jolena Gillard Fusports-w0.38
Lauren Dabrowski Dusports-w0.38
Brianna BrooksFNCAA0.38
Abby MoloughneyFNCAA0.38
Mackenna ParkerFNCAA0.37
Emilie PriveFNCAA0.37
Olivia MobleyFNCAA0.37
Nicole GuidiDNCAA0.37
Lindsay BochnaFNCAA0.36
Liliane PerreaultFNCAA0.36
Charlotte AkervikDNCAA0.36
Haley WinnDNCAA0.36
Sarah WozniewiczFNCAA0.36
Amy PotomakFNCAA0.36
Grace BowlbyDNCAA0.36
Brooke RemingtonDNCAA0.36
Naomi RoggeFNCAA0.36
Tianna Ko Fusports-w0.36
Ireland Perrott Fusports-w0.36
Mackenzie Kordic Fusports-w0.36
Emerson Elliott Fusports-w0.36
Cassidy Maplethorpe Fusports-w0.36
Lauren Nicholson Fusports-w0.36
Carley Olivier Dusports-w0.36
Savannah Bouzide Fusports-w0.36
Marie-Pascale Bernier Fusports-w0.36
Katherine Birkby Fusports-w0.36
Sydney Benko Fusports-w0.36
Nicole Posesorski Dusports-w0.36
Rhys Cole-Ashbury Dusports-w0.36
Jessica Bélanger Fusports-w0.36
Madison Beishuizen Fusports-w0.36
Angelique Page Fusports-w0.36
Marah WagnerFNCAA0.35
Maddie MillsFNCAA0.35
Sarah MarchandFNCAA0.35
Laura FuocoFNCAA0.35
Catherine TrevorsFNCAA0.35
Sydney HerringtonFNCAA0.35
Taylor HouseFNCAA0.34
Kelly BrowneFNCAA0.34
Jess SchryverFNCAA0.34
Katelyn BrightbillFNCAA0.34
Allyson SimpsonDNCAA0.34
Erin MeyersFNCAA0.34
Hayley LunnyFNCAA0.34
Janie Poitras Fusports-w0.33
Lea MacLeod Fusports-w0.33
Alexa VaskoFNCAA0.33
Jenna GoodwinFNCAA0.33
Natalie SnodgrassFNCAA0.33
Graysen MyersFNCAA0.33
Morgan WabickFNCAA0.33
Taylor WabickDNCAA0.33
Kennedy BobyckFNCAA0.33
Maggie CulpFNCAA0.33
Anna BargmanFNCAA0.33
Carrigan UmphervilleFNCAA0.33
Brooklyn Paisley Fusports-w0.33
Courtney Kollman Fusports-w0.33
Laura Jardin Fusports-w0.33
Kenzie Robinson Fusports-w0.33
Lilla Carpenter-Boesch Fusports-w0.33
Madison Willan Fusports-w0.33
Emma GentryFNCAA0.32
Lauren BernardDNCAA0.32
Journey MillerFNCAA0.32
Jessika Boulanger Fusports-w0.32
Ashley Stratton Fusports-w0.31
Payton Hargreaves Fusports-w0.31
Olivia Eustace Fusports-w0.31
Abby Lewis Fusports-w0.31
Miranda Hatt Fusports-w0.31
Jenna MacLean Fusports-w0.31
Audrey Gervais Dusports-w0.31
Paige BeebeFNCAA0.31
Ida KuoppalaFNCAA0.31
Brette PettetFNCAA0.31
Danielle FoxFNCAA0.31
Rosy DemersFNCAA0.31
Matilda af BjurFNCAA0.31
Megan RoeFNCAA0.31
Sini KarjalainenDNCAA0.31
Vita PoniatovskaiaDNCAA0.31
Isabella Weist Fusports-w0.31
Teghan InglisDNCAA0.30
Lauren BellefontaineFNCAA0.30
Julia ShaunessyDNCAA0.30
Elizabeth Lang Fusports-w0.30
Natalie Kieser Fusports-w0.30
Makenzie McCallum Fusports-w0.30
Tatum Amy Fusports-w0.30
Brooklyn Gemmill Fusports-w0.30
Leah Herrfort Fusports-w0.30
Brooklyn Cole Fusports-w0.30
Keiara Raitt Fusports-w0.30
Katelyn Heppner Dusports-w0.30
Anneke LinserFNCAA0.29
Anna HurdFNCAA0.29
Halle Edwards Fusports-w0.29
Gaby RoyFNCAA0.29
Katie KeenanFNCAA0.29
Julie GoughFNCAA0.29
Val CaldwellFNCAA0.29
Nina SteigaufFNCAA0.29
Taylor Gillis Fusports-w0.29
Abby HustlerFNCAA0.29
Reece HuntFNCAA0.29
Grace HeitingFNCAA0.29
Kaitlyn O'DonohoeFNCAA0.29
Brooke BryantFNCAA0.29
Rachel TeslakDNCAA0.29
Summer-Rae DobsonFNCAA0.29
Ally JohnsonFNCAA0.29
Shay MaloneyFNCAA0.29
Tiffany HillFNCAA0.29
Currie PutrahFNCAA0.29
Mary McDonald Fusports-w0.28
Kara Mclean Fusports-w0.28
Jessymaude Drapeau Fusports-w0.28
Stéphanie Lalancette Fusports-w0.28
Audrey McCutcheonFNCAA0.28
Sammy SmiglianiFNCAA0.28
Celine TedenbyFNCAA0.28
Kendra NealeyDNCAA0.28
Emma BucklesDNCAA0.28
Brooke JovanovichFNCAA0.28
Victoria KlimekFNCAA0.28
Jessica KondasDNCAA0.28
Mannon McMahonFNCAA0.27
Courtney VorsterDNCAA0.27
Kendall CooperDNCAA0.27
Tamina Kehler Fusports-w0.27
Frédérike Cyr Fusports-w0.27
Ali Borrow Fusports-w0.27
Ashley McFadden Fusports-w0.27
Payton Laumbach Fusports-w0.27
Mackenzie Butz Dusports-w0.27
Hannah Koroll Dusports-w0.27
Sydney Berta Fusports-w0.27
Paige McNeilFNCAA0.26
Ali BeltzFNCAA0.26
Tanner GatesDNCAA0.26
Sydney LangsethFNCAA0.26
Chantal Ste-CroixFNCAA0.26
Lauren MessierFNCAA0.25
Celine PietraszekFNCAA0.25
Maggie Peterson Fusports-w0.25
Katy KnollFNCAA0.25
Brooke HobsonDNCAA0.25
Sydney PedersenDNCAA0.25
Holly Reuther Fusports-w0.25
Siobhan Birch Fusports-w0.25
Aislynn Byers Dusports-w0.25
Jada HabischFNCAA0.24
Ella HuberFNCAA0.24
Aly McLeodFNCAA0.24
Delani MacKayFNCAA0.24
Chayla EdwardsDNCAA0.24
Nara EliaFNCAA0.24
Courtney MaudFNCAA0.24
Kristina SchulerFNCAA0.24
Willow CorsonFNCAA0.24
Morgan Neitzke FNCAA0.24
Mackenzie BourgerieFNCAA0.24
Caroline GoffredoFNCAA0.24
Kristina ShanahanFNCAA0.24
Alyssa HolmesFNCAA0.24
Corinne McCoolFNCAA0.24
Megan WagnerFNCAA0.24
Emma WuthrichFNCAA0.24
Sena TakenakaDNCAA0.24
Ava KisonFNCAA0.24
Kelly GoliniFNCAA0.24
Gracie OstertagDNCAA0.24
Ann-Frederik NaudFNCAA0.24
Lydia PassoltFNCAA0.24
Annie KuehlFNCAA0.24
Emma Wilson Fusports-w0.24
Emma Giordano Dusports-w0.24
Ashley Keller Fusports-w0.24
Joelle Fiala Fusports-w0.24
Emma Irwin Fusports-w0.24
Malory Dominico Fusports-w0.24
Emily Baxter Fusports-w0.24
Elizabeth Lenardon Fusports-w0.24
Athena Hauck Fusports-w0.24
Maude Pépin Fusports-w0.24
Sophie Gareau Fusports-w0.24
Kennedy Whelan Fusports-w0.23
Sophia Gaskell Fusports-w0.23
Celeste BeaudoinFNCAA0.23
Malia SchneiderFNCAA0.23
Shailynn SnowFNCAA0.23
Emily BrownDNCAA0.23
Skylar IrvingFNCAA0.23
Madison PrimeauFNCAA0.23
Claire ButoracFNCAA0.23
Sophie LuponeFNCAA0.22
Brooke BeckerDNCAA0.22
Caroline PetersonFNCAA0.22
Maddy Corbett Dusports-w0.22
Sydney Lyndon Dusports-w0.22
Gabby BillingFNCAA0.22
Cassandra NeversDNCAA0.22
CC BowlbyFNCAA0.22
Rachel BjorganFNCAA0.21
Madeline WethingtonDNCAA0.21
Maggie MacEachernDNCAA0.21
Claire PetersonDNCAA0.21
Madison MashugaFNCAA0.21
Kate Gregoire Fusports-w0.21
Emma Bergesen Dusports-w0.21
Catherine Longchamps Dusports-w0.21
Zoé Thibault Fusports-w0.21
Madison Solie Dusports-w0.21
Casey AdimeyDNCAA0.21
Alexie GuayDNCAA0.21
Riena JahnkeFNCAA0.21
Marissa MassaroFNCAA0.21
Lily HumphreyFNCAA0.21
Rene GangarosaDNCAA0.21
Jenna AbeytaDNCAA0.21
Sophie Lalor Fusports-w0.21
Aliya Jomha Fusports-w0.21
Ireland Sorestad Fusports-w0.21
Sarah Dennehy Fusports-w0.21
Marielle ParksFNCAA0.20
Olivia Reid Fusports-w0.20
Hannah Tait Fusports-w0.20
Paige McArthur Fusports-w0.20
Rylee Hogan Fusports-w0.20
Ashley Maitre Dusports-w0.20
Jessica Gribbon Fusports-w0.20
Maren FridayDNCAA0.20
Audrey WethingtonFNCAA0.20
Lauren SeversonFNCAA0.20
Lindsay MaloneyFNCAA0.20
Megan CarterDNCAA0.20
Nicole KellyFNCAA0.20
Jada ChristianFNCAA0.20
Jessica DiGirolamoDNCAA0.20
Eleri MacKayFNCAA0.20
Emma RolandFNCAA0.20
Taylor Joyce Fusports-w0.20
Julia Bird Fusports-w0.20
Ashton Thorpe Dusports-w0.20
Rachel GoffFNCAA0.20
Nicole BessingerFNCAA0.20
Kylie Lesuk Fusports-w0.20
Kaia Borbandy Fusports-w0.20
Katie KotlowskiDNCAA0.19
Savannah NorcrossFNCAA0.19
Taylor NelsonFNCAA0.19
Olivia KnowlesDNCAA0.19
Alexis PaddingtonFNCAA0.19
Laurence FrenetteFNCAA0.19
Claire VekichFNCAA0.19
Erin Arsenault Fusports-w0.19
Kamdyn Switzer Fusports-w0.19
Nicole VallarioDNCAA0.19
Cassidy JonesFNCAA0.19
Abby PromersbergerFNCAA0.19
Emily KingFNCAA0.18
Landyn Pitts Fusports-w0.18
Erica Plourde Fusports-w0.18
Lillian George Fusports-w0.18
Lexie Murphy Fusports-w0.18
Caleigh Meraw Dusports-w0.18
Ellen Laurence Fusports-w0.18
Reagan Minor Fusports-w0.18
Ella Vande Sompel Dusports-w0.18
Hannah MacDonald Dusports-w0.18
Neisha Germann Fusports-w0.18
Rachel Paul Fusports-w0.18
Chantal Ricker Fusports-w0.18
Jordan Kulbida Fusports-w0.18
Taylor Anker Fusports-w0.18
Ellie Brown Fusports-w0.18
Abby Shirley Fusports-w0.18
Grace Elliott Fusports-w0.18
Kate Gallant Fusports-w0.18
Kate Ball Fusports-w0.18
Laura Ellis Fusports-w0.18
Abby Howland Fusports-w0.18
Louie Bieman Fusports-w0.18
Céline Frappier Fusports-w0.18
Rylee Davison Dusports-w0.18
Courtney Gardiner Fusports-w0.18
Kaleigh Quennec Fusports-w0.18
Gabrielle Underwood Fusports-w0.18
Erin Ross Fusports-w0.18
Elissa Benjamin Fusports-w0.18
Megan Johnston Fusports-w0.18
Emily Visser Fusports-w0.18
Corinne Hudson Fusports-w0.18
Quinn Johnston Fusports-w0.18
Trisha Cho Dusports-w0.18
Emily Eikelboom Fusports-w0.18
Madison Lalonde Fusports-w0.18
Scout Watkins-Southward Fusports-w0.18
Natalie Wozney Fusports-w0.18
Kelsey Dunn Fusports-w0.18
Emma Thomas Fusports-w0.18
Kate Scidmore Fusports-w0.18
Jocelyn Elliott Dusports-w0.18
Marie-Camille Théorêt Dusports-w0.18
Justine Yelle Fusports-w0.18
Kiah Vail Dusports-w0.18
Jenna Morais Fusports-w0.18
Angélique Proulx Dusports-w0.18
Julia BlitzFNCAA0.18
Brianna LegrosDNCAA0.18
Mireille Martin Fusports-w0.17
Stephanie MarkowskiDNCAA0.17
Ashley McCutcheon Fusports-w0.16
Molly Kunnas Fusports-w0.16
Lydia MacLellan Dusports-w0.16
Jaime Kastelic Dusports-w0.16
Jana Headrick Dusports-w0.16
Alex Woods Dusports-w0.16
McKiya Mazur Fusports-w0.16
Chloe Vukosa Fusports-w0.16
Gabrielle Noordijk Dusports-w0.16
Audrey-Anne Veillette Fusports-w0.16
Amélie Poiré-Lehoux Fusports-w0.16
Joannie Garand Fusports-w0.16
Kiara Machry Dusports-w0.16
Ella Krushelnicki Dusports-w0.16
Brooklyn Anderson Fusports-w0.16
Abby Wamboldt Fusports-w0.15
Myah Bowal Fusports-w0.15
Ally Clements Dusports-w0.15
Jessica Legault Dusports-w0.15
Trechelle Bunn Dusports-w0.15
Laurie Fontaine Dusports-w0.15
Maddy Walsh Dusports-w0.15
Taylor Sawka Fusports-w0.15
Kennedy Brown Fusports-w0.15
Paige Hubbard Fusports-w0.15
Stephanie Desjardins Fusports-w0.15
Elizabeth Mura Dusports-w0.15
Bailee Bourassa Fusports-w0.15
Aryn Chambers Dusports-w0.15
Keanna Oshowy Fusports-w0.14
Ashley Penney Fusports-w0.14
Jena Barscello Fusports-w0.14
Rosalie Bégin-Cyr Fusports-w0.14
Camille Dumont Fusports-w0.14
Annabel Faubert Dusports-w0.14
Maria Manarolis Fusports-w0.14
Chloé Gendreau Fusports-w0.14
Erin Armstrong Dusports-w0.14
Emmy Fecteau Fusports-w0.14
Anna MacCara Fusports-w0.14
Aimee O'Neill Fusports-w0.14
Chihiro Suzuki Fusports-w0.14
Lauren Ianni Fusports-w0.14
Madison Melo Fusports-w0.14
Caroline Eagles Dusports-w0.14
Natasha Athanasakos Fusports-w0.14
Avery Peer Dusports-w0.14
Kelsey McHolm Fusports-w0.14
Jaime Magoffin Fusports-w0.14
Alayna Wagstaff Fusports-w0.13
Jullian Duggan Fusports-w0.13
Anna Purschke Fusports-w0.13
Cassidy Stasiuk Fusports-w0.13
Danica Namaka Fusports-w0.13
Emma Pye Fusports-w0.12
Kaela Thomson Fusports-w0.12
Jacey Dane Fusports-w0.12
Mariah Carey Fusports-w0.12
Claire Nimegeers Fusports-w0.12
Paige Outhouse Fusports-w0.12
Shani Rossignol Fusports-w0.12
Lauren Focht Fusports-w0.12
Samantha Sichkaruk Fusports-w0.12
Vanessa Klimpke Fusports-w0.12
Hailey Maurice Fusports-w0.12
Jordyn Matthews Fusports-w0.12
Jadynn Morden Fusports-w0.12
Abby Krzyzaniak Dusports-w0.12
Kara Kondrat Fusports-w0.12
Mallory Dyer Fusports-w0.12
Grace Tam Dusports-w0.12
Megan Long Dusports-w0.12
Katie Chatyrbok Fusports-w0.12
Kyrelle Skoye Dusports-w0.12
Raphaëlle Pouliot Fusports-w0.12
Madison Cronkwright Fusports-w0.12
Allison Stevenson Fusports-w0.12
Kelly-Ann Nadeau Dusports-w0.12
Lexie Small Fusports-w0.12
Lacey DiMaulo Fusports-w0.12
Madison Laberge Dusports-w0.12
Avery Horlock Fusports-w0.12
Sophie Bujold Fusports-w0.12
Erika Crouse Fusports-w0.12
Emma Thomas Dusports-w0.12
Lauren MacDonnell Fusports-w0.12
Amanda Desrochers Dusports-w0.12
Mia Rogers Fusports-w0.12
Alyson Reeves Fusports-w0.12
Allison Hayhurst Dusports-w0.12
Jamie Watson Dusports-w0.12
Emily Ignagni Dusports-w0.12
Katie Chomiak Fusports-w0.12
Olivia Giardetti Fusports-w0.12
Jamie Aspropotamitis Fusports-w0.12
Ashtyn Denomme Fusports-w0.12
Kathleen Reedman Dusports-w0.12
Alice Fillion Fusports-w0.12
Majorie Bolduc Fusports-w0.12
Alèxe Clavelle Fusports-w0.12
Noémie Garneau Dusports-w0.12
Noémie Thibault Dusports-w0.12
Ariane Aubin Fusports-w0.12
Andrea Sanderson Fusports-w0.12
Mackenzie Drake Fusports-w0.11
McKinley Nelson Fusports-w0.11
Eve Leblanc Dusports-w0.11
Tallon Stephenson Fusports-w0.11
Pascale Lebeau Dusports-w0.11
Alix Yallowega Fusports-w0.11
Sophie Vandale Dusports-w0.11
Taylor Keeping Fusports-w0.11
Marika Gagnon Fusports-w0.11
Bree Kennedy Fusports-w0.11
Olivia Pridham Dusports-w0.11
Kennesha Miswaggon Dusports-w0.11
Alexa McMillan Dusports-w0.10
Laura Horwood Fusports-w0.10
Marley Van den Oetelaar Dusports-w0.10
Sophie Grawbargar Fusports-w0.10
Jessica Haner Fusports-w0.10
Jaden Cherry Fusports-w0.10
Maggi DeWolf Russ Fusports-w0.10
Devynn Dion Dusports-w0.10
Lauren Omoto Dusports-w0.10
Sage McElroy-Scott Fusports-w0.10
Katia Pelowich Fusports-w0.10
Lauren Legault Fusports-w0.10
Josie Chisholm Dusports-w0.10
Lauren Carter Fusports-w0.10
Megan Pardy Fusports-w0.10
Katelynn Nice Dusports-w0.10
Breanne Trotter Fusports-w0.10
Olivia Leggett Dusports-w0.10
Alexia Desforges Fusports-w0.09
Lauren Steele Fusports-w0.09
Maddy McCleary Fusports-w0.09
Brooke Stanford Dusports-w0.09
Emma Bishop Dusports-w0.09
Isadora Quirion Fusports-w0.09
Émilie Lalancette Dusports-w0.09
Allison Reich Fusports-w0.09
Jordyn Holmes Fusports-w0.09
Keyera Nelson Fusports-w0.09
Jayme Doyle Fusports-w0.09
Jenna Fletcher Fusports-w0.09
Emma Piers Fusports-w0.09
Kendra Zuchotzki Dusports-w0.09
Taylor Beck Fusports-w0.09
Jayden Thompson Fusports-w0.09
Katherine Chadwick Fusports-w0.09
Melanie Drost Fusports-w0.09
Brooklyn Tews Dusports-w0.09
Laura Cook Dusports-w0.09
Isabella Pozzi Dusports-w0.09
Kate Wagner Dusports-w0.09
Jordyn Burgar Fusports-w0.09
Rebecca Clarke Fusports-w0.09
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Laura Brown Dusports-w0.00
Katelyn Bouwman Fusports-w0.00
Mya Chisholm Fusports-w0.00
Kaiya Maracle Fusports-w0.00
Madelaine Poirier Fusports-w0.00
Emilie Comeau Dusports-w0.00
Island Bernard-Docker Dusports-w0.00
Emily Gravelle Dusports-w0.00

So, apparently, Gabbie Hughes is pretty good, huh? Let’s see, 35 points in 18 games in her senior season at UMD? Yep. We can file that under pretty good. How about Wisconsin sophomore Casey O’Brien with 21 goals and 17 assists in 22 games? Which season is more impressive to you? Hughes the senior or O’Brien the sophomore?

As the 2021-22 hockey season resumes, we can turn to tools like N-WHKYe to put production into perspective. Given what we’ve seen in both the pro and collegiate landscape thus far, we could have some historically significant seasons on our hands. Will Stalder be able to soar past her record 82-point campaign from last season? How many points will Grant-Mentis need to score this year for her 2021-22 campaign to be weighed against Allie Thunstrom scoring 24 goals (and picking up 12 assists) in 24 games in 2019-20?

I can’t wait to find out.

Data courtesy of EliteProspects.com and Mikael Nahabedian (@hunterofstats).