A list of players involved in #ForTheGame

We’ve scoured social media to create a list of all 150+ players who are currently striking for better conditions.

The spreadsheet below includes the names of players who have publicly announced their involvement with the #ForTheGame movement, which was first announced on May 2.

Over 200 players set to sit out upcoming professional season

Each player who has posted on Twitter or Instagram has been listed along with their nationality and most recent league involvement. A star after the nationality indicates that the player was on their national team roster for the 2019 Women’s World Championship in Espoo, Finland.

So far, our list of almost 150 names includes the majority of the United States’ and Canada’s national teams. Many NCAA universities are also represented, as well as current and former players affiliated with the CWHL, NWHL, SDHL, Naisten Liiga and AMHL.

This spreadsheet is a work in progress and will be updated as more players affiliate with the movement. If you find an error, please tell us about it in the comments so we can correct it as soon as possible.

The List

PlayerMost recent leagueNationality
Accursi, TaylorNWHLCanada
Adams, TessNCAACanada
Ade, RachaelNWHLUSA
Adolfsson, JessicaNCAASweden*
Agosta, MeghanCWHLCanada
Allard, Marie-JoëlleCWHLCanada
Ambrose, ErinCWHLCanada*
Apperson, KeltyCWHL Canada
Aramburu, AlexaNWHL USA
Asperup, JosephineSDHLDenmark
Åberg, JuliaSDHLSweden
Babstock, KellyNWHLCanada
Bach, VictoriaCWHLCanada
Bannon, GenevieveCWHLCanada
Belanger, AnnieCWHLCanada
Bell, AshtonNCAACanada
Bellamy, KaceyCWHLUSA*
Bergstöm, PaulaNCAASweden
Berndtsson, LovisaSDHLSweden
Bolden, BlakeNWHLUSA
Bozek, MeganCWHLUSA*
Brand, McKennaNWHLUSA
Brandt, HannahNWHLUSA*
Brault, SophieCWHLCanada
Brown, NicoleCWHLCanada
Buie, CorinneNWHLUSA
Bunton, HannahCWHLCanada
Burke, CourtneyNWHLUSA
Burns, JordynNWHLUSA
Burt, KatieNWHLUSA
Cameranesi, DaniNWHLUSA*
Campbell, CarleeCWHLCanada
Carpenter, AlexCWHL USA*
Chesson, LisaNWHLUSA
Chuli, ElaineCWHLCanada
Clark, EmilyNCAACanada*
Convery, JessicaNCAAUSA
Cornine, KendallNCAAUSA
Coyne, KendallNWHLUSA*
Crossman, DemiCWHLUSA
Dahm, LaurenCWHLUSA
Dalen, AndreaSDHLNorway
Daoust, Catherine CWHLCanada
Daoust, MelodieCWHLCanada*
Darkangelo, ShiannCWHLUSA
Decker, BriannaCWHLUSA*
Dempsey, JillianNWHLUSA
Desbiens, Ann-ReneeAMHLCanada
Desrochers, MelanieCWHLCanada?
Dingeldein, JennaCWHLCanada
Dostaler, LauraCWHLCanada
Duggan, MeghanNWHLUSA
Eisenschmid, TanjaNWHLGermany
Eldridge, JessieNCAACanada
Elia, MadelineNWHLUSA
Emard, KarellCWHLCanada
Fast, RenataCWHLCanada*
Fedeski, JuliaCWHLCanada
Ferno, NathalieSDHLSweden
Field, EmilyNWHLUSA
Fitzgerald, KatieNWHLUSA
Flanagan, KaliNCAAUSA
Fonfara, MeghanNWHLUSA
Forfar, AilishCWHLCanada
Fortino, LauraCWHLCanada*
Gabel, LorenNCAACanada*
Gagliardi, AlyssaNWHLUSA
Gagnon, VanessaNWHLCanada
Gamble, AnissaCWHLCanada
Gelinas, MaudeCWHLCanada
Goldberg, ChelseyCWHLUSA
Goldsmith, JamieNWHLUSA
Gosling, KatelynCWHLCanada
Grahn, SaraSDHLSweden*
Greco, EmmaCWHLCanada
Greco, JacquieNWHLUSA
Gribbons, KellyCWHLCanada
Grieves, MeghanCWHLUSA
Hakala, SanniSDHLFinland*
Harmon, SavannahNWHLUSA
Hensley, NicoleNWHLUSA
Hickel, ZoeCWHLUSA
Hickey, ShannonCWHLUSA
Hiirikoski, JenniSDHLFinland*
Hovi, VenlaCWHL Finland*
Hutchinson, CaileyNCAAUSA
Iafallo, JuliannaNWHLUSA
Janiga, EmilyNWHLUSA
Jenner, BrianneCWHLCanada*
Johnson, KaliyaNWHLUSA
Johnston, RebeccaCWHLCanada*
Jones, JessCWHLCanada
Jue, MelanieCWHL Canada
Juron, JordanNWHLUSA
Karvinen, MichelleSDHL Finland*
Keenan, EmmaNCAAUSA
Keller, MeganNCAAUSA*
Kelly, LaurenNWHLUSA
Kepler, ClaudiaSDHLUSA*
Kessel, AmandaNWHLUSA*
Knight, HilaryCWHLUSA*
Knox, LizCWHLCanada
Koizumi, JessicaNWHLUSA
Křižova, DenisaNWHLCzech
Kromm, EricaCWHLCanada
Lacquette, BrigetteCWHLCanada*
Lamoreux, JocelyneNCAAUSA
Lamoreux, MoniqueCWHLUSA
Larson, BaileyNCAAUSA
Lavigne, Tracy-AnnCWHLCanada
Leary, KateSWHLUSA
Leslie, RebeccaCWHLCanada
Lewicki, KristinNWHLUSA
Litchfield, MadisonNWHLUSA
Löwenhielm, Michelle NWHLSweden
Lund, KarlieNWHLUSA
Lund, MargoNWHLUSA
Macneil, MackenzieCWHLCanada
Makela, AmandaCWHLCanada
Martin, EmmaCWHLCanada
Marvin, GigiNWHLUSA
McGovern, KatieNWHLUSA
McParland, JennaCWHLCanada
Miano, Toni AnnNWHLUSA
Mikkelson, MeaghanCWHLCanada
Miller, AlexisCWHLCanada
Morin, SidneySDHLUSA
Murray, KellyCWHLCanada
Mrázová, KaterinaNWHLCzech
Myers, MeganCWHLUSA
Newkirk, MakennaNCAAUSA
Nurse, SarahCWHLCanada*
O'Grady, JessicaCWHLCanada
Olofsson, JohannaSDHLSweden*
Ott, BrittanyNWHLUSA
Östlund, JuliaSDHLSweden
Pankowski, AnnieNCAAUSA*
Pannek, KellyNCAAUSA*
Pelkey, AmandaNWHLUSA
Peslarová, KlaraSDHLCzech
Pfalzer, EmilyNWHLUSA*
Picard, MichelleNWHLUSA*
Platt, JessicaCWHLCanada
Post, LindsayCWHLCanada
Poulin, Marie-PhilipCWHLCanada*
Pozzebon, JosianeNCAACanada
Prevost, CarolyneCWHLCanada
Purchase, KatherineUSportsCanada
Quinn, MeganNCAACanada
Rackleff, JettaCWHLUSA
Rae, KatelynNCAACanada
Rafter, TatianaWHLCanada
Rask, FannySDHLSweden*
Rattray, Jamie LeeCWHLCanada*
Richards, AudraNWHLUSA
Richards, KristenCWHLCanada
Rigsby, AlexCWHL USA*
Rooney, MaddieNCAA USA*
Rougeau, LaurianeCWHLCanada
Ryan, JennyNWHL USA
Räisanen, MeeriNWHLFinland
Räty, NooraCWHLFinland*
Sass, KimberlyNWHLUSA
Saulnier, JillianCWHLCanada*
Sauve, KassidyNCAACanada
Savolainen, RonjaSDHLFinland*
Scamurra, HayleyNWHLUSA*
Schelling, FlorenceSDHLSwitzerland
Schipper, KateNWHLUSA
Shaver, SophiaNCAACanada
Skarupa, HaleyNWHL USA
Slattery, LexiNWHLUSA
Souliotis, MalloryNWHLUSA
Spooner, NatalieCWHL Canada*
Stacey, LauraCWHLCanada*
Steckein, LeeNWHLUSA*
Stewart, ShannonCWHLCanada
Suonpäa, EveliinaSDHLFinland*
Szabados, ShannonNWHLCanada*
Tiley, SheaCWHLCanada
Trivigno, DanaNWHLUSA
Tuominen, MinttuNaisten LiigaFinland*
Turnbull, BlayreCWHLCanada*
Turner, MorganCWHLUSA
Tutino, KaylaCWHLCanada
Vella, JessicaCWHLCanada
Wakefield, JenniferSDHLCanada
Wasylk, TaylorNWHLUSA
Williams, LaurenCWHLCanada
Willoughby, KaitlinCWHLCanada
Winberg, PernillaSDHLSweden*
Woodwoth, DakotaCWHLUSA
Zafuto, OliviaNCAAUSA
Zalewski, AnnikaNWHLUSA
Zandee-Hart, MicahNCAACanada