How To Watch 2024 World Championships

Get ready for 2024 World Championships with a quick intro and how to watch all the games!

How To Watch 2024 World Championships
Adirondack Bank Center (Photo via IIHF)

It's that time of year again, the IIHF Women's World Championships!

This year's 10-team tournament will be played in Utica, NY from April 3 - 14.

The Format

The teams are divided into two tiers. Group Play consists of round robin to lead into the Playoff Rounds. All five teams from Group A and the top three teams from Group B will advance.

In the quarterfinals, the top team from Group Play (A1) plays the lowest rank (B3) with the rest following that formula: A2 v B2, A3 v B1, A4 v A5. The teams who lose in the quarterfinal will play placement games with the winner joining Group A in the next tournament.

The winners of each quarterfinal advance to the semifinal with the highest tier/placement team playing the lowest tier/placement then the remaining two teams in the other semifinal. The losers of each semifinal move bronze medal, and the winners advance to the gold medal game.

The Groups

(Each team links to TIG's preview!)

Group A

Group B

How to watch schedule

In North America, you can watch all of them games but you'll have to know which channel or subscription platform to tune in. In the US, the games are split between NHL Network and ESPN+. In Canada, TSN will carry all of the games but on their various channels. RDS will also broadcast the games.

DATETIME (LOCAL/ET)TeamsTeamsUS ViewingCanada Viewing
Wed., April 311:00:00 AMDenmarkSwedenNHL NetworkTSN3/4
Wed., April 33:00:00 PMFinlandCzechiaESPN+TSN3/4
Wed., April 37:00:00 PMUnited StatesSwitzerlandNHL NetworkTSN3/5
Thurs. April 411:00:00 AMChinaJapanNHL NetworkTSN4
Thurs. April 43:00:00 PMDenmarkGermanyESPN+TSN4
Thurs. April 47:00:00 PMCanadaFinlandESPN+TSN1/4
Fri. April 511:00:00 AMSwedenChinaNHL NetworkTSN3/4
Fri. April 53:00:00 PMSwitzerlandCanadaESPN+TSN3/4
Fri. April 57:00:00 PMCzechiaUnited StatesNHL NetworkTSN3
Sat. April 63:00:00 PMJapanGermanyNHL NetworkTSN5
Sat. April 67:00:00 PMFinlandUnited StatesNHL NetworkTSN5
Sun. April 711:00:00 AMSwedenJapanNHL NetworkTSN3/4
Sun. April 73:00:00 PMCanadaCzechiaNHL NetworkTSN3/5
Sun. April 77:00:00 PMChinaDenmarkESPN+TSN3
Mon. April 811:00:00 AMGermanySwedenNHL NetworkTSN1/5
Mon. April 83:00:00 PMSwitzerlandFinlandESPN+TSN1/5
Mon. April 87:00:00 PMUnited StatesCanadaNHL NetworkTSN1/5
Tues. April 911:00:00 AMGermanyChinaNHL NetworkTSN1
Tues. April 93:00:00 PMCzechiaSwitzerlandESPN+TSN1
Tues. April 97:00:00 PMJapanDenmarkESPN+TSN1
Thurs. April 1110:00 AM QF QFNHL NetworkTSN1
Thurs. April 111:30 PM QF QFNHL NetworkTSN1
Thurs. April 115:00 PM QF QFESPN+TSN1
Thurs. April 118:30 PM QF QFNHL NetworkTSN1
Sat. April 133:00 PM SF SFNHL NetworkTSN1
Sat. April 137:00 PM SF SFNHL NetworkTSN1/4
Sun. April 141:00 PM BRONZE BRONZENHL NetworkTSN1
Sun. April 145:00 PM GOLD GOLDNHL NetworkTSN1

Here's where you can watch in other countries, per the IIHF.

  • SVT (Sweden)
  • Discovery (Finland)
  • Czech TV  (Czechia)
  • Magenta  (Germany)
  • TBS (Japan)
  • Swiss TV  (Switzerland)