2023 PHF All-Star Rosters Announced

45 players will split into Team Canada, Team USA and Team World on January 29 in downtown Toronto

The Premier Hockey Federation has announced three All-Star rosters for the showcase that will be taking place on Sunday January 29 in Toronto.

45 players have been selected and broken down into three teams based on nationality; Team Canada, Team USA, and Team World. The Riveters and Pride will be sending nine players, the Six will be sending eight , the Whitecaps will send Six followed by the Whale with five. The Beauts and the Force will each send four. Players on Team World will represent Austria, China, Czechia, Finland, Hungary and Sweden.

The showcase will begin at 7:00 p.m. ET at Mattamy Athletic Centre, which some hockey fans might be more familiar with as the old Maple Leaf Gardens in downtown Toronto. Tickets are on sale for $29.50 via TicketMaster.

The showcase will consist of a three-game round-robin tournament followed by a final. Team Canada will take on Team USA. The winner of the first game will play Team World in the second game and the loser will play Team World in the third game. The two top teams will take each other on time in the final to determine the All-Star champion team. The games will consist of two seven minute periods of four-on-four hockey.

A one-round shootout at the half will give both teams the opportunity to add a bonus goal to the score, a three-round shootout will be used after the second period in the case of a tie. The final game will consist of two eight minute periods of four-on-four, if the final is tied there will be four minutes of three-on-three followed by a three-round shootout.

The game will broadcast live across the United States on ESPN2 and in Canada on TSN, TSN.ca, and the TSN app.



Kelly Babstock (MET)

Ann-Sophie Bettez (MON)

Sarah Bujold (MET)

Catherine Daoust (MON)

Jade Downie-Landry (MON)

Kaleigh Fratkin (BOS)

Loren Gabel (BOS)

Élizabeth Giguère (BOS)

Mikyla Grant-Mentis (BUF)

Brittany Howard (TOR)

Kennedy Marchment (CTW)

Kati Tabin (TOR)

Saroya Tinker (TOR)

Emma Woods (TOR)*


Corinne Schroeder (BOS)



Jonna Albers (MIN)

Sydney Brodt (MIN)

Shiann Darkangelo (TOR)

Jillian Dempsey (BOS)

Kali Flanagan (BOS)

Taylor Girard (CTW)

Dominique Kremer (BUF)

Patti Marshall (MIN)

Sidney Morin (MIN)

Madison Packer (MET)

Amanda Pelkey (MET)

Natalie Snodgrass (MIN)

Allie Thunstrom (BOS)***

Olivia Zafuto (BOS)


Abbie Ives (CTW)*



Taylor Baker (MON/HUN)

Ebba Berglund (MET/SWE)

Fanni Gasparics (MET/HUN)

Anna Kilponen (MET/FIN)

Denisa Křížová (MIN/CZE)^

Dominika Lásková (TOR/CZE)

Leah Lum (TOR/CHN)

Antonia Matzka (BUF/AUT)

Kateřina Mrázová (CTW/CZE)

Emma Nuutinen (BUF/FIN)

Lenka Serdar (CTW/CZE)

Aneta Tejralová (BOS/CZE)

Minttu Tuominen (MET/FIN)

Tereza Vanišová (TOR/CZE)


Eveliina Mäkinen (MET/FIN)