23-24 PWHL Preview: The Goalies Pt. 2

The second half of our in-depth analysis of each PWHL's goaltending ahead of the inaugural season.

23-24 PWHL Preview: The Goalies Pt. 2
(Photo via PWHL)

Continued from Part One, where Boston, Minnesota, and Montreal's goalies are previewed.

New York goalies: Corinne Schroeder, Lindsey Post, Abbey Levy

Do you remember that scene in Space Jam when the Looney Tunes face off against the aliens from Moron Mountain as giants? That’s essentially what it’s going to look like whenever an opposing player is around either of 5’ 11” Corinne Schroeder, 6’ Lindsey Post, and 6’ 1” Abby Levy. New York is taking the ideas of finding similar goalies so defensively the team won’t have to change much no matter who is in net and the idea that players haven’t consistently adjusted yet to bigger goalies. It’s also an intriguing collection of goalies where the New York front office focused on finding goalies who are at different stages of their careers and can each offer something different both now along with in the future. If you want an interesting group of goalies to follow, this is the one.