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How to Watch 2022 U18 Women’s World Championships

Watch the stars of tomorrow today!

Team USA’s Danielle Burgen, who is eligible to return for 2022, against Canada’s Emilie Lussier.

For the first time since 2020, we can finally say: it’s time for the U18 World Championships!

The tournament has been a long time coming. Typically played in January, the 2021 and the initial 2022 tournaments were both cancelled due to COVID-19. The most recent cancellation of the 2022 tournament, which was set to be held in Sweden, drew a lot of outcry from the community for a variety of reasons. But eventually, the IIHF and USA Hockey agreed to host the tournament in Madison and Middleton, Wisconsin. And now, the time is here.

The US comes in as the “defending” championships, simply as they were the last ones to win back in 2020.


The eight countries are split between two groups based on IIHF standings. Group A — which will play their preliminary games at LaBahn Arena in Madison — is made up of the United States, Canada, Finland, and Sweden. Group B — which will play in Middleton — is Czechia, Switzerland, Germany, and Slovakia.

After the preliminary round, the top two teams in Group A will receive a bye into the semifinals. The third-place team in Group A will play the second-place team in Group B, and the fourth-place team in Group A will play the first-place in Group B. The third- and fourth-place teams from Group B will play a best-of-three relegation series.

The semifinal games will be decided with the highest-ranking team remaining playing the lowest-ranking team left (based on which group they came from and then where they fell in that group), and the middle two facing off. From there, the winners will move on to the medal games.

The quarterfinals, semifinals, and medal games will all be played in Madison, while the relegation games will take place in Middleton, Wisconsin.


Date Time Team Team Location
Date Time Team Team Location
6/6/2022 5 PM ET Slovakia Czech Middleton
6/6/2022 5 PM ET Canada Finland Madison
6/6/2022 9 PM ET Switzerland Germany Middleton
6/6/2022 9 PM ET Sweden USA Madison
6/7/2022 5 PM ET Czech Germany Middleton
6/7/2022 5 PM ET Canada Sweden Madison
6/7/2022 9 PM ET Switzerland Slovakia Middleton
6/7/2022 9 PM ET USA Finland Madison
6/9/2022 5 PM ET Czech Switzerland Middleton
6/9/2022 5 PM ET Finland Sweden Madison
6/9/2022 9 PM ET Germany Slovakia Middleton
6/9/2022 9 PM ET USA Canada Madison
6/10/2022 5 PM ET religation religation Middleton
6/10/2022 5 PM ET QF QF Madison
6/10/2022 9 PM ET QF QF Madison
6/12/2022 3:30 PM ET SF SF Madison
6/12/2022 3:30 PM ET religation religation Middleton
6/12/2022 7:30 PM ET SF SF Madison
6/12/2022 7:30 PM ET five v six five v six Middleton
6/13/2022 3:30 PM ET religation religation Middleton
6/13/2022 4:30 PM ET Bronze Bronze Madison
6/13/2022 8:30 PM ET Gold Gold Madison

How to watch

USA: ESPN+ will carry all of Group A’s preliminary games LIVE. NHL Network will show a replay of the US’s games the next day at noon eastern.

The quarterfinal games will also be on EPSN+, with the semifinals and medal games to be determined. The gold medal game will air live NHL Network. USA Hockey said all USA games will be available on either EPSN+ or NHL Network live. HockeyTV will stream all of the games, except those being broadcast.

Canada: TSN will show all of Group A’s preliminary games LIVE as well as all of the quarterfinals, semifinals, and medal games.