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2022-23 PHF Signing Tracker

It’s the PHF offseason so you know what that means: signing tracker!!

Here we’ll keep you up to date with all the signings across the league.

A few important points to remember:

  • The salary cap is $750,000 with a maximum roster of 25.
  • There is a salary floor of $562,500, or 75% of the cap. Teams are required to spend at least this amount.
  • The minimum salary for a player is $13,500, according to On Her Turf. If this seems low based on the average salary, the PHF told On Her Turf this is to allow flexibility in contracts so players can sign part-time contracts.
  • Contracts now include comprehensive benefits — medical, dental, vision, parental leave, and player equity incentives included, plus the option to add spouse/family, a new addition.
  • Players can sign two-year deals.
  • Free agency started on May 1, meaning teams had until April 30 to re-sign players.

The table below is sortable and searchable.


Name Team Position Nationality Years Played Contract Length Date Announced
Name Team Position Nationality Years Played Contract Length Date Announced
Dominique Kremer Buffalo Beauts Defender USA 2 2 5/02/2022
Shiann Darkangelo Toronto Six Forward USA 4 1 5/04/2022
Jess Healey Buffalo Beauts Defender Canada 0 2 5/06/2022
Mikyla Grant-Mentis Buffalo Beauts Forward Canada 3 1 5/09/2022
Madison Packer Metropolitan Riveters Forward USA 7 2 5/09/2022
Kendall Cornine Metropolitan Riveters Forward Canada 3 1 5/09/2022
Amanda Pelkey Metropolitan Riveters Forward USA 3 1 5/10/2022
Elaine Chuli Toronto Six Goaltender Canada 2 1 5/11/2022
Courtney Maud Buffalo Beauts Forward Canada 0 1 5/13/2022
Ebba Berglund Metropolitan Riveters Defender Sweden 0 1 5/16/2022
Sarah Bujold Metropolitan Riveters Forward Canada 0 1 5/16/2022
Lovisa Berndtsson Buffalo Beauts Goaltender Sweden 1 1 5/17/2022
Taylor Davison Toronto Six Defender Canada 1 1 5/18/2022
Reka Dabasi Metropolitan Riveters Forward Hungary 0 1 5/18/2022
Sidney Morin Minneosta Whitecaps Defender USA 0 2 5/19/2022