2022 Top 25 Under 25 | The List

Welcome back to our annual Top 25 players Under the age of 25 list!

It’s been a while since we’ve done this so here’s a refresher.

Every year, our staff and a few of our fellow writers across women’s hockey each submit a ranked ballot of our top 25 players in women’s hockey who were under the age of 25 for the entire season of play that just passed. We look at players across the entire world, which obviously makes this an incredibly hard exercise.

This season, 90 different players received at least one vote, which might be a record for us! Only two players were all 13 TIG/ Ballots with another two only being left off one ballot.

The final list features two ties, including one at 25, so we’ll actually have 26 players on the official list, with four honorable mentions.

You can keep track here as we release the next spots on our list all throughout May!

Special thanks Melissa Burgess, Zoë Hayden, Mikael Nahabedian, Nicole Haase, Grant Salzano, Kirsten Whelan, and Carleen Markey for voting!