2022 PHF All-Star Showcase captains select their teams

Mikyla Grant-Mentis selected first overall in the 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase draft

During the first intermission of Saturday’s match-up between the Toronto Six and the Buffalo Beauts, the PHF posted the first six selections in the 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase draft as named by the All-Star captains.

With the first overall selection, Toronto Six captain Shiann Darkangelo selected teammate and forward Mikyla Grant-Mentis. The trend would continue throughout the first round of the draft, as All-Star captains Allie Thunstrom and Jillian Dempsey selected current teammates of their own to build up their rosters. Thunstrom named forward Jonna Curtis to her squad, while Dempsey added defender Kaleigh Fratkin.

The second round saw the additions of McKenna Brand, Amanda Boulier, and Kali Flanagan to Dempsey, Thunstrom, and Darkangelo’s respective rosters.

“Super offensive, super creative, need to separate it and have a defenseman, so I’m super excited to have her on the team,” said Darkangelo of the selection of Flanagan to her team.

Along with the first six picks, the assignment of honorary coaches to teams was announced. Meghan Chayka, a founder of Stathletes, will be coaching Team Darkangelo, while Team Canada legend Mel Davidson will coach Team Thunstrom. Finally, three-time Olympian Sami Jo Small will take the reins of Team Dempsey.

Below are the full rosters for all three All-Star teams for the PHF’s 2022 All-Star Showcase. Each team has seven forwards, four defenders, and one goaltender. Note: Carly Jackson is the EBUG for the showcase, so we may see her take to the ice for any of the teams below in Buffalo.

Team Darkangelo

F: Shiann Darkangelo, Mikyla Grant-Mentis, Kennedy Ganser, Meghara McManus, Madison Packer, Alyssa Wohlfeiler, Emma Woods
D: Kali Flanagan, Lindsay Eastwood, Allie Munroe, Shannon Turner
G: Katie Burt

Team Dempsey

F: Jillian Dempsey, Taylor Accursi, McKenna Brand, Autumn MacDougall, Kennedy Marchment, Cassidy Vinkle, Emma Vlasic
D: Kaleigh Fratkin, Tori Howran, Dominique Kremer, Taylor Woods
G: Elaine Chuli

Team Thunstrom

F: Allie Thunstrom, Jonna Curtis, Sammy Davis, Anjelica Diffendal, Taylor Girard, Christina Putigna, Rebecca Russo
D: Amanda Boulier, Taylor Davison,  Patti Marshall, Marie-Jo Pelletier
G: Abbie Ives

On paper, Team Dmpesey looks absolutely lethal. The combination of Dempsey, Accursi, and Brand alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of any opponent, and when you add in a formidable blue line consisting of Fratkin and Howran? And Elaine Chuli? Whew. Watch out.

That being said, Team Thunstrom and Team Darkangelo definitely aren’t slacking by any means. Team Thunstrom has the one-two punch of Curtis and Putigna on offense, and you know the duo of Boulier and Marshall will be locking things down on defense. Team Darkangelo is loaded up with lots of offensive firepower, from Darkangelo herself, to teammate Grant-Mentis, Packer, and Wohlfeiler. When you bring in the veteran presence and strong leadership of Shannon Doyle, it’s hard to imagine Team Darkangelo struggling.

Ultimately, let’s be real, there’s a reason all of these players are All-Stars and it’s because they’re all extremely capable of performing on a big stage.

Who comes out on top? We’ll find out January 29.