NCAA Bracketology: Revealed

We have our matchups and now we get to discuss possible results

The committee has given us this bracket let’s dive in.

1 Ohio St hosting 7. Quinnipiac v 11. Syracuse

2 Minnesota hosting 8. Minnesota-Duluth v. 9. Harvard

3 Northeastern hosting 6. Wisconsin v. 10. Clarkson

4 Colgate v 5. Yale

Well we have a little chaos.

Instead of flipping the 6/7 seeds, the committee decided to switch the 10/11 seeds despite the vast difference in the second and how much closer the 6 and 7 seeds were. It would seem quarterfinal integrity was more important as they don’t expect upsets in the openers.  We get a rematch of a regular season series with Harvard and Duluth and the ECAC championship will be revisited.