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IIHF releases 2021 Worlds schedule

There’s only 1 day without hockey between May 6-16


Get your calendars out and start planning your month of May because the IIHF announced the schedule for the 2021 World Championship in Halifax and Truro in Nova Scotia, Canada!

The 10-team, 10-day tournament kicks off on May 6 with a round-robin group play. Group A includes reigning champions USA, 2019’s silver medalist Finland, bronze medalist Canada, Russia, and Switzerland. Group B includes Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, and Hungary.

After group play, all of Group A and the top three teams from Group B will advance to the quarterfinals. The bottom two teams in Group B will not be relegated because none of the lower tournaments were played this year, according to the IIHF.

The quarterfinal winners will advance to the semifinals, as usual, and then those winners will move onto the medal games. The quarterfinal losers will play knockout placement games with the winner moving up into Group A for the next Worlds tournament.

We’ll have to wait six days into the tournament, the last day of group play, to get the always anticipated USA v Canada game. However, Day 1 features a rematch of 2019’s semifinal game between Canada and Finland, which saw Finland become the first team outside of North America to reach the gold medal game, and the gold medal game rematch is on Day 2.


Day Date Time (ET) Team 1 Team 2
Day Date Time (ET) Team 1 Team 2
Thursday May 6 12:00 Germany Japan
Thursday May 6 2:30 Swiss USA
Thursday May 6 6:00 Hungary Czech
Thursday May 6 6:30 Canada Finland
Friday May 7 6:00 Denmark Hungary
Friday May 7 6:30 Russia Swiss
Saturday May 8 12:00 Czech Germany
Saturday May 8 2:30 Finland USA
Saturday May 8 6:00 Japan Denmark
Saturday May 8 6:30 Canada Russia
Sunday May 9 6:00 Hungary Japan
Sunday May 9 6:30 Swiss Canada
Monday May 10 12:00 Czech Denmark
Monday May 10 2:30 USA Russia
Monday May 10 6:00 Germany Hungary
Monday May 10 6:30 Finland Swiss
Tuesday May 11 12:00 Japan Czech
Tuesday May 11 2:30 Russia Finland
Tuesday May 11 6:00 Denmark Germany
Tuesday May 11 6:30 USA Canada
Thursday May 13 11:00 Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Thursday May 13 1:30 Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Thursday May 13 4:00 Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Thursday May 13 6:30 Quarterfinal Quarterfinal
Friday May 14 2:00 PL PL
Friday May 14 6:00 PL PL
Saturday May 15 2:30 Semifinal Semifinal
Saturday May 15 6:30 Semifinal Semifinal
Sunday May 16 10:00 PL winner PL winner
Sunday May 16 2:30 Bronze medal Bronze medal
Sunday May 16 6:30 Gold medal Gold medal