2021 Worlds: U25 Honorable Mentions

The best of the rest of the top performances by U25 players in Calgary

We have already revealed our U25 First Team and Second Team from the 2021 IIHF Worlds in Calgary. Today, we’re going to look at some players who nearly made the cut because highlighting just a dozen of the top performances by U25 players felt like we were just scratching the surface.

Here are our honorable mentions for U25 performances at the 2021 Worlds.

2021 Worlds U25 Skaters

FINPetra NIEMINENF22720:0930.14331.5819611772.988.793.74421
USAGrace ZUMWINKLEF22711:4814.86525.00162422664.3675.08600
CANSarah FILLIERF21715:1623.00618.75166331642.255.473.07510
CZENoemi NEUBAUEROVAF21618:4326.5046.67152143542.145.352.86500
JPNAkane SHIGAF20718:4923.71014.29284400441.826.042.75310
CZEDominika LASKOVAD24621:3029.50417.39234400441.865.542.58400
JPNHaruka TOKOF24719:5525.1410.00222044441.725.382.32220
HUNKinga JOKAI-SZILAGYIF24417:0821.50311.119133443.504.574.00220
CANClaire THOMPSOND23718:5428.2970.0013042420.914.21.90310
USACaroline HARVEYD18617:3519.5087.1414121321.143.852.19300
CZEDaniela PEJSOVAD19619:2727.17211.76174210321.033.51.80300
ROCViktoria KULISHOVAF2278:3712.14133.336211332.983.493.47300
ROCFanuza KADIROVAF23714:0718.5700.0011032321.213.442.09300
CANElla SHELTOND23714:3222.7169.09114122331.773.121.84300
USAJesse COMPHERF22611:5214.67410.00104122332.533.022.54300
ROCYelizaveta RODNOVAF22713:2219.1409.09112120310.642.841.82300
USACayla BARNESD22717:3220.8640.0010030300.002.681.31300
CANAshton BELLD21711:5318.71425.004120310.722.521.82300
FINElisa HOLOPAINENF19713:5923.5705.88172111221.233.211.97200
GERNina CHRISTOFF18416:2722.25022.229200221.822.92.64110
USAJincy DUNNED2469:4911.3310.005022222.042.282.32200
JPNHikaru YAMASHITAF20712:3516.14-422.2294200221.362.141.46200
USAAbbey MURPHYF19612:4515.67416.67126200221.572.061.62110
ROCLiana GANEYEVAD23713:3319.0020.006021210.632.051.30200
FINJulia LIIKALAF2078:2713.7110.004021211.011.851.88200
ROCOxana BRATISHEVAF21714:5519.71-19.09116111221.151.851.06200
JPNAoi SHIGAD22724:1531.5700.004021210.351.850.65020
USALacey EDENF19510:5112.4030.003021211.111.751.94200
ROCVeronika KORZHAKOVAF18715:5320.29116.6764111221.081.730.93200
JPNSuzuka TAKAF24715:4219.71-20.0064022221.091.620.88200
SUIAlina MULLERF23213:0319.00050.0022110212.301.383.17200
HUNEmma KREISZF18416:1022.75-20.0046020200.000.380.35110
ROCIlona MARKOVAF19715:5221.14-310.0010100110.5421.08100
DENMichelle WEISF24418:0628.2500.009011110.831.791.48100
GERKatarina JOBST-SMITHD20623:3125.6710.008011110.431.690.72010
FINViivi VAINIKKAF19715:1323.43-120.005100110.561.50.84100
USAAbby ROQUEF2368:2810.3320.006011111.181.491.76100
CANJaime BOURBONNAISD2378:2512.14112.5082100111.021.421.45100
CZENatalie MLYNKOVAF20619:0426.0020.0092011110.521.410.74100
GERJule SCHIEFERF19510:1112.40025.004100111.181.41.65100
HUNReka DABASIF24420:0424.00-125.004100110.751.41.05100
CZEKlara HYMLAROVAF22616:0223.8330.0082011110.621.310.82010
FINJenniina NYLUNDF2279:1713.29033.333100110.921.31.20100
ROCYekaterina DOBRODEYEVAF21615:2121.83-50.004011110.651.290.84100
CZETereza RADOVAD1938:4514.00150.002100112.291.22.74100
FINSofianna SUNDELINF1879:5616.00-20.002011110.861.090.94100
SUILara CHRISTEND18722:4532.00-30.002011110.381.090.41010
FINRonja SAVOLAINEND23720:4629.7110.0092010100.001.080.45100
SUILaura ZIMMERMANNF18712:2619.43-214.2974100110.690.940.65100
CZETereza MAZANCOVAF1816:409.001#DIV/0!011119.000.898.01100
JPNMei MIURAF22714:4918.86-20.003010100.000.860.50100
USABritta CURLF2138:5411.67150.0022100112.250.821.84100
FINSanni VANHANENF16710:1616.57-250.0022100110.830.820.68100
ROCKristi SHASHKINAF1867:179.830#DIV/0!010100.000.560.77100
CZEKristyna PATKOVAF2365:418.67233.3334100111.760.540.95100
FINNelli LAITINEND19716:1526.43033.3334100110.530.540.28100
HUNLotti ODNOGAD22421:2227.25-10.0074010100.000.50.35010
SUISinja LEEMANND19719:2129.57-40.001410011110.440.390.17100
ROCAnna SAVONINAD19715:2924.00-425.0046100110.550.260.14100
ROCNina PIROGOVAD22722:2728.29-40.00128010100.000.240.09100
ROCLandysh FALYAKHOVAF23711:3216.8600.0046010100.00-0.18-0.13100
CZEMichaela PEJZLOVAF24615:4522.0000.0010000000.0010.63000
CZESara CAJANOVAD18621:4929.0020.0092000000.000.520.24000
CANEmma MALTAISF2159:3114.20-20.004000000.000.40.50000
SUINoemi RYHNERF21719:3327.57-80.004000000.000.40.18000
HUNRegina METZLERF1549:5712.2500.003000000.000.30.45000
JPNShiori YAMASHITAD1967:018.50-10.003000000.000.30.43000
JPNRemi KOYAMAF2177:0910.29-20.003000000.000.30.36000
DENLinn PLOUGD22320:4226.33-30.003000000.000.30.29000
SUIRahel ENZLERF2179:3114.00-40.003000000.000.30.27000
CANKristin O'NeillF2338:3713.33-10.0062000000.000.220.51000
JPNMakoto ITOF1716:529.00-20.001000000.000.10.87000
FINAino KARPPINEND2329:5714.50-10.001000000.000.10.30000
HUNHanna PINTERF2345:008.0000.001000000.000.10.30000
FINSanni HAKALAF2377:1612.14-10.001000000.000.10.12000
CZEKaterina BUKOLSKAF2454:105.8000.0042000000.000.020.06000
USANatalie BUCHBINDERD22#DIV/0!000000#DIV/0!000
CZEMagdalena ERBENOVAD21#DIV/0!000000#DIV/0!000
CZEKlara SEROISZKOVAD2010.000#DIV/0!000000#DIV/0!000
SUIMara FREYF18100.000#DIV/0!000000#DIV/0!000
JPNYukiko KAWASHIMAD2478:2211.14-4#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
FINMatilda NILSSONF2424:419.00-1#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
JPNFumika SASANOD2420:591.501#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
HUNJelena GRKOVICD2420:381.00-1#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
ROCYekaterina LIKHACHYOVAF2332:284.330#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
DENAmanda REFSGAARDD2137:3610.00-1#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
DENSofie SKOTTD1925:207.50-1#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
DENMille SORENSENF1923:165.000#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
SUIEmma INGOLDF1952:374.40-2#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
GERKatharina HACKELSMILLERF1736:3310.00-3#DIV/0!000000.0000.00000
GERLaura KLUGEF24415:0920.2510.0074000000.00-0.06-0.06000
SUILisa RUEDIF20715:3224.29-30.0032000000.00-0.08-0.04000
GERTabea BOTTHOFD21615:1123.00-20.0032000000.00-0.08-0.05000
SUILena Marie LUTZF20711:1316.86-40.0032000000.00-0.08-0.06000
GERSvenja VOIGTF17611:2714.33-40.0022000000.00-0.18-0.16000
HUNLili PINTERF24410:4217.50-20.0022000000.00-0.18-0.25000
HUNImola HORVATHF1949:1713.75-10.0022000000.00-0.18-0.29000
DENMaria PETERSF2146:5412.25-20.0022000000.00-0.18-0.39000
ROCSofia LIFATOVAF1855:248.20-40.0022000000.00-0.18-0.40000
HUNMira SEREGELYF18415:2420.00-40.0054000000.00-0.26-0.25000
DENLilli FRIIS-HANSENF21412:3419.50-30.0054000000.00-0.26-0.31000
HUNAndrea KISSF24410:4416.75-10.0054000000.00-0.26-0.36000
SUIStefanie WETLID21717:0128.00-50.0012000000.00-0.28-0.14000
SUIAlina MARTIF17712:2720.7100.0012000000.00-0.28-0.19000
DENAmalie ANDERSEND21420:0426.25-20.0012000000.00-0.28-0.21000
FINEmilia VESAF2068:4715.8300.0012000000.00-0.28-0.32000
GERCarina STROBELD24315:3320.6710.0012000000.00-0.28-0.36000
CZELenka SERDARF2454:355.6010.0012000000.00-0.28-0.73000
DENSofia SKRIVERF1835:3711.0000.0012000000.00-0.28-1.00000
SUINicole VALLARIOD20718:1928.14-110.0044000000.00-0.36-0.17000
SUIShannon SIGRISTD22713:4621.29-3#DIV/0!2000000.00-0.38-0.24000
SUIJanine HAUSERD20710:3415.86-3#DIV/0!2000000.00-0.38-0.31000
DENJulie OKSBJERGF2048:4713.25-2#DIV/0!2000000.00-0.38-0.65000
HUNFruzsina MAYERD21416:3421.50-20.0014000000.00-0.66-0.60000
JPNChika OTAKIF2276:198.00-30.0014000000.00-0.66-0.90000
DENKristine MELBERGD20415:0322.25-3#DIV/0!4000000.00-0.76-0.76000
SUIKaleigh QUENNECF2375:549.86-3#DIV/0!4000000.00-0.76-1.10000
FINSini KARJALAINEND2254:177.800#DIV/0!4000000.00-0.76-2.13000
HUNPetra SZAMOSFALVIF19410:5115.50-10.0036000000.00-0.84-1.16000
ROCYelena PROVOROVAD19716:0623.86-50.0038000000.00-1.22-0.65000

2021 Worlds: U25 First Team
2021 Worlds: U25 Second Team

Elisa Holopainen, Forward | Finland

Holopainen had two goals and an assist at the 2019 Worlds in Espoo, so her one goal and one assist production in Calgary almost felt like a letdown. Almost.

The future of Finland averaged 1.23 P1/60 and had a 1.97 GS/60 in Calgary, which was good enough to put her inside the top-20 among U25 skaters in both categories. So, with an average ice time of 13:59 TOI/GP and a shooting percentage of just 5.9%, her two points in seven games — both primary and at evens, by the way — looks a lot more impressive.

My favorite stat of Holopainen’s from Calgary has to be her 17 iSOG (individual shots on goal). In a limited role, Holopainen put a lot of frozen rubber on net and looked every bit like the emerging young star she is. The Finns averaged just over 20 SF/GP, so her 2.43 SOG/GP is an impressive rate in a seven-game sample. Also, I think her goal means a little bit more because it was scored against Canada. As a squad, the Canadians allowed just seven goals in Calgary.

Haruka Toko, Forward | Japan

Toko played a huge role for Japan in Calgary and had tremendous chemistry with Akane Shiga. Together, they were responsible for what felt like the majority of their team’s even-strength scoring chances. Toko, 24, averaged 19:55 TOI/GP, had primary assists on four of Japan’s 12 goals, and put 22 shots on net. Really, she did it all which is partially reflected in her 2.32 GS/60 — good for 10th among U25 forwards in Calgary.

The real shame here is that much of what Toko brought to the picture doesn’t appear in box scores or, therefore, in Game Score. She made numerous crafty, clever plays to move the puck through the neutral zone and displayed an excellent understanding of the game. In that respect, she really stood out from the conservative, structured play that underlined the play of so many of her teammates on Smile Japan.

One can only hope that Toko’s hockey sense is infectious and enhances the potential of her teammates on the Japanese national team.

Fanuza Kadirova, Forward | ROC

Kadirova has been one of my favorite young Russian players to watch for a few years. She shows flashes of top-shelf talent and has been better than a point-per-game player in the ZhHL for SK Gorny and Dynamo-Neva St. Petersburg since 2015-16.

In Calgary, she averaged 2.09 GS/60 and 1.21 P1/60 and had three assists — two of which were primary — at evens for the Russian squad in seven games. That’s helpers on one out of every three even-strength goals for ROC in Calgary. That’s quite a stat for someone averaging just 14:07 TOI/GP.

Kadirova, 23, will likely be a staple on Russia for several years but she still has the potential to be more than a middle-six forward. Her development continues to be something to keep an eye on.

Ella Shelton, Defense | Canada

Shelton may not have shined as brightly as Claire Thompson in the box score, but she had an excellent tournament in her own right. She finished with the fifth-best GS/60 (1.84) among U25 defenders who played at least four games in Calgary and that number was dragged down by her two minor penalties.

Seeing limited ice in her role, averaging 14:32 TOI/GP and picking up two assists and a goal at evens to go along with her first gold medal at Worlds. Shelton, 23, displayed much of the consistency that made her a star and eventually a captain at Clarkson.

This is hardly a hot take, but I would not be surprised to see Shelton’s role increase significantly in coming tournaments. Truth be told, much of the same can be said of 21-year-old Ashton Bell, who managed to stand out with several big plays in her even more limited role of 11:53 TOI/GP and finished with just as many points and a nearly identical GS/60 (1.82) as Shelton.

Saskia Maurer, Goalie | Switzerland

It feels unfair that Maurer ends up as only an honorable mention here but she was simply overshadowed by Anni Keisala of Finland and Klára Peslarová of the Czech Republic.

Maurer was a sensation for the Swiss in her four appearances. She finished with a .942 Sv% against an average workload of 33.64 SA60. Two of the seven goals Maurer allowed were scored while she was shorthanded and she posted an impressive 0.985 GSAA/60 in all situations. Her numbers, generally speaking, were a clear cut above Andrea Brändli’s and Brändli was hardly a disappointment with her .905 Sv% playing exclusively against Group A teams.

All things considered, Maurer was fantastic. She may only have finished with one win but she held her own against the best offenses in the tournament. Somewhere, Florence Schelling is still smiling about Maurer’s performance.

All data courtesy of IIHF.com, EliteProspects.com, and the author’s own tracking.