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2020-21 PWHPA Tracker

Keep up as the PWHPA announces the players who will be joining the organization for their second season.

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Michelle Jay

The PWHPA underwent some structural changes and as part of them, they are announcing all of their members this season.

Per their Twitter on May 19, these players have not tried for the regional rosters yet, but will represent the PWHPA “on and off the ice”.

All five regions - New Hampshire, Minnesota, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary - will carry 25-person active rosters, which every player will have to try out for. According to The Athletic, regions could carry more than that but only those 25 players can play in showcase events. Any other players can practice or play in the expanded regional game schedule.

Follow along here as the PWHPA announces their members for their second season. New players to the organization will be marked with an asterisk.

Announcement tracker

Name Position Date Announced Nationality
Name Position Date Announced Nationality
Abby Roque* forward 05/18/2020 US
Annika Zalewski forward 05/18/2020 US
Hilary Knight forward 05/18/2020 US
Sarah Potomak* forward 05/19/2020 Canada
Jess Jones forward 05/19/2020 Canada
Dani Cameransi forward 05/19/2020 US
Sydney Brodt* forward 05/20/2020 US
Katie Burt goaltender 05/20/2020 US
Hanna Bunton forward 05/20/2020 Canada
Victoria Bach forward 05/20/2020 Canada
Kristen Campbell* goaltender 05/22/2020 Canada
Rebecca Johnston forward 05/22/2020 Canada
Catherine Daoust defender 05/22/2020 Canada
Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson forward 05/22/2020 US
Jincy Dunne* defender 05/23/2020 US
Lauren Williams defender 05/23/2020 Canada
Jillian Saulnier forward 05/23/2020 Canada
Sophia Shaver forward 05/24/2020 US
Ann-Sophie Bettez forward 05/24/2020 Canada
Chelsey Goldberg forward 05/24/2020 US
Kali Flanagan defender 05/24/2020 US
Jaime Bourbonnais* defender 05/25/2020 Canada
Maude Gelinas forward 05/25/2020 Canada
Brianna Decker forward 05/25/2020 US
Maddie Rooney* goaltender 05/26/2020 US
Demi Crossman forward 05/26/2020 US
Jacquie Greco defender 05/26/2020 US
Sarah Nurse forward 05/26/2020 Canada
Lindsay Agnew* forward 05/27/2020 Canada
Meghan Turner forward 05/27/2020 US
Laura Stacey forward 05/27/2020 Canada
Jocelyne Larocque defender 05/29/2020 Canada
Katelyn Gosling defender 05/29/2020 Canada
Alex Poznikoff* forward 05/29/2020 Canada
Kristin O'Neill* forward 06/9/2020 Canada
Karell Emard forward 06/9/2020 Canada
Hannah Brandt forward 06/9/2020 US
Sydney Scobee* goaltender 06/10/2020 US
Annie Bélanger goaltender 06/12/2020 Canada
Alex Cavallini goaltender 06/12/2020 US
Nicole Anderson forward 06/15/2020 US
Micah Zandee-Hart defender 06/15/2020 Canada
Shannon Hickey forward 06/15/2020 US
Loren Gabel forward 06/15/2020 Canada
Jordyn Zacharias* forward 06/16/2020 Canada
Jessica Platt defender 06/16/2020 Canada
Gigi Marvin forward 06/16/2020 US
Tess Bracken* defender 06/17/2020 Canada
Erica Kromm forward 06/17/2020 Canada
Ryleigh Houston* forward 06/18/2020 Canada
Marie Philip Poulin forward 06/18/2020 Canada
Makenna Newkirk forward 06/18/2020 US
Megan Bozek defender 06/18/2020 US
Erin Connolly* forward 06/19/2020 US
Lauren Dahm goaltender 06/19/2020 US
Emily Clark forward 06/19/2020 Canada
Nicole Hensley goaltender 06/22/2020 US
Kim Deschenes forward 06/22/2020 Canada
Erin Ambrose defender 06/22/2020 Canada
Mélodie Daoust forward 06/23/2020 Canada
Lee Stecklein defender 06/23/2020 US
Amanda Makela goaltender 06/23/2020 Canada
Ann-Renée Desbiens goaltender 06/24/2020 Canada
Kendall Coyne Schofield forward 06/24/2020 US
Laura Dostaler forward 06/25/2020 Canada
Alexa Gruschow forward 06/25/2020 US
Renata Fast forward 06/25/2020 Canada
Shea Tiley goaltender 06/26/2020 Canada
Kaitlin Willoughby forward 06/26/2020 Canada
Kelly Pannek forward 06/26/2020 US
MacKenzie Ebel* forward 06/29/2020 Canada
Reagan Haley forward 06/29/2020 US
Brianne Jenner forward 06/29/2020 Canada
Samantha Isbell defender 06/30/2020 Canada
Alexis Woloschuk defender 06/30/2020 Canada
Emerance Maschmeyer goaltender 06/30/2020 Canada
Megan Buchanan* goaltender 07/1/2020 Canada
Bailey Larson forward 07/1/2020 US
Laura Fortino defender 07/1/2020 Canada
Deziray De Sousa* forward 07/3/2020 Canada
Mellissa Channell defender 07/3/2020 Canada
Monique Lamoureux-Morando defender 07/3/2020 US
Molly Jenkins goaltender 07/6/2020 Canada
Nicole Kosta forward 07/6/2020 Canada
Kacey Bellamy defender 07/6/2020 US
Madison Field* forward 07/7/2020 Canada
Marlène Boissonnault goaltender 07/7/2020 Canada
Emily Matheson defender 07/7/2020 US
Breanna Scarpaci* defender 07/8/2020 US
Halli Krzyzaniak forward 07/8/2020 Canada
Lauriane Rougeau defender 07/8/2020 Canada
Hayley Scamurra forward 07/10/2020 US
Tracy-Ann Lavigne forward 07/10/2020 Canada
Megan Keller defender 07/10/2020 US
Jenna Dingeldein forward 07/13/2020 Canada
Margo Lund forward 07/13/2020 US
Meaghan Mikkelson defender 07/14/2020 Canada
Megan Myers forward 07/14/2020 US
Jessie Eldridge forward 07/14/2020 Canada
Annie Pankowski forward 07/15/2020 US
Ella Shelton* defender 07/15/2020 Canada
Kristen Richards forward 07/15/2020 Canada
Genevieve Lacasse goaltender 07/16/2020 Canada
Cristine Chao* defender 07/17/2020 Canada
Melanie Desrochers defender 07/17/2020 Canada
Savannah Harmon defender 07/17/2020 US
Samantha Donovan* forward 07/20/2020 US
Rhianna Kurio forward 07/20/2020 Canada
Carolyne Prevost forward 07/20/2020 Canada
Christina Ieradi* forward 07/21/2020 Canada
Sydney Kidd forward/defender 07/21/2020 Canada
Sarah Lefort forward 07/21/2020 Canada
Delaney Belinskas* forward 07/22/2020 US
Iya Gavrilova forward 07/22/2020 Russia
Jamie Lee Rattray forward 07/22/2020 Canada
Taytum Clairmont* forward 07/24/2020 Canada
Jetta Rackleff goaltender 07/24/2020 US
Rebecca Leslie forward 07/24/2020 Canada
Kendra Broad* forward 07/27/2020 Canada
Brittany Howard forward 07/27/2020 Canada
Kassidy Sauvé goaltender 07/27/2020 Canada
Logan Land* defender 07/28/2020 Canada
Amelia Boughn goaltender 07/28/2020 Canada
Hannah Miller forward 07/28/2020 Canada
Terra Lanteigne* goaltender 07/29/2020 Canada
Josiane Pozzebon defender 07/29/2020 Canada
Natalie Spooner forward 07/29/2020 Canada
Olivia Zafuto defender 07/31/2020 US
Jensen Murphy* goaltender 07/31/2020 Canada
Cassidy Vinkle forward 07/31/2020 Canada
Taylor Costella* forward/defender 08/4/2020 US
Ella Matteucci defender 08/4/2020 Canada
Blayre Turnbull forward 08/4/2020 Canada
Erica Derrico* forward 08/4/2020 US
Alyson Morris* forward 08/5/2020 Canada
Anissa Gamble forward 08/5/2020 Canada
Taylor Day Weidenfelder* forward 08/6/2020 Canada
Jessie Vella forward 08/6/2020 Canada
Amanda Kessel forward 08/6/2020 US
Alexandra Rempe* forward 08/10/2020 Canada
Brooke Beazer forward/defender 08/10/2020 Canada
Katrina Hawkins* forward 08/11/2020 Canada
Erica Howe goaltender 08/11/2020 Canada
Jessica Strack* goaltender 08/12/2020 US
Kayla Vespa* forward 08/18/2020 Canada
Haley Skarupa forward 08/18/2020 US
Maggie Knott* forward 08/24/2020 Canada
Shannon Stewart forward 08/24/2020 Canada
Leah Mousigian* defender 08/25/2020 US
Bridgette Laquette defender 08/25/2020 Canada
Alexandra Labelle* forward 09/8/2020 Canada
Alessandra Bianchi forward 09/8/2020 Canada
Amy Menke* forward 09/10/2020 US
Samantha Cogan* forward 09/10/2020 Canada
Dana DeMartino* goaltender 09/11/2020 US
Emily Ach* forward 09/15/2020 US
Samantha Fortune* forward 09/16/2020 US
Bulbul Kartanbay* forward 09/16/2020 Kazakhstan
Codie Cross* defender 09/18/2020 US
Alana Lopez* forward 09/18/2020 US
Kate Fanning* defender 09/22/2020 US
Samantha Hanson* defender 09/22/2020 US
Nicole Schammel* forward 09/23/2020 US
Tara Treloar* goaltender 09/23/2020 US
Sara (Carlson) Earley* forward 10/2/2020 US
Kimberly Sass goaltender 10/2/2020 US
Taylor Shepherd* defender 10/5/2020 Canada
Amanda Pelkey forward 10/5/2020 US
Mackenzie Meegan* forward 10/6/2020 US
Marie Deschenes goaltender 10/6/2020 Canada