2020 Top 25 Under 25 | The List

Welcome to the 2020 edition of the top 25 players under the age of 25 list!

We say it every year and every single time we talk about this annual list, but it bears repeating: this is an incredibly hard exercise. Our voters look at any player who is under 25 by Aug. 1. That’s a lot of players.

This year, 85 different players received a vote from one or more of our 14 internal voters.

The list will look different this year. Seven players aged off, including last year’s number one spot, while three players from last year did not make this year’s list. Nine players are making their first appearance this year while one player who was on a previous year’s list but not last year’s is back. Seven different countries are represented.

As always, we have five honorable mentions (split into two posts) before getting into the list. Spots 11 - 25 are grouped together and 1 - 10 will have their own posts.

Following along with the list below!

1 - Alina Müller

2 - Élizabeth Giguère

3 - Loren Gabel

4 - Daryl Watts

5 - Victoria Bach

6 - Sarah Fillier

7 - Cayla Barnes

8 - Megan Keller

9 - Abby Roque

10 - Lovisa Selander

11, 12 - Aerin Frankel (11), Anna Shokhina (12)

13, 14 -Kelly Pannek (13), Ronja Savolainen (14)

15, 16 - Chloé Aurard (15), Jesse Compher (16)

17, 18 - Sophie Shirley (17), Maddie Rooney (18)

19, 20 - McKenna Brand (19), Jaime Bourbonnais (20)

21 (tie), 23 - Emily Clark & Petra Nieminen (tied for 21), Jincy Dunne (23)

24, 25 - Katie Burt (24), Jaycee Gebhard (25)

HM - Alexie Guay, Skylar Fontaine, Lindsay Browning

HM - Sarah Potomak, Kennedy Marchment

Voting Process

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to thank the friends of TIG who voted. They are all great women’s hockey reporters. Without them this list would have been incomplete. Thanks to Jared Book of ETOP, Kirsten Whalen of Victory Press, Grant Salzano of BC Interruption, and Nate Wells. The other 10 ballots came from TIG staff.

Once our internal voting was finished, we opened up our community ballot. The list of eligible players only included those who received four or more votes already, leaving 35 players to choose from. Once the community voting was closed, all of the votes were tallied and a final community list was created. This counted as one internal ballot, and the final tally was made.

Players were given points based on where they were ranked. We added every player’s point total together and then ranked them. The player with the highest total was our No. 1, No. 2 had the second highest total, and so on. After the first 25 were ranked, the five players who received the most votes that finished outside of the Top-25 were designated as our honorable mentions.