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A list of players involved in #ForTheGame

We’ve scoured social media to create a list of all 150+ players who are currently striking for better conditions.

Shanna Martin-Book/CWHL

The spreadsheet below includes the names of players who have publicly announced their involvement with the #ForTheGame movement, which was first announced on May 2.

Each player who has posted on Twitter or Instagram has been listed along with their nationality and most recent league involvement. A star after the nationality indicates that the player was on their national team roster for the 2019 Women’s World Championship in Espoo, Finland.

So far, our list of almost 150 names includes the majority of the United States’ and Canada’s national teams. Many NCAA universities are also represented, as well as current and former players affiliated with the CWHL, NWHL, SDHL, Naisten Liiga and AMHL.

This spreadsheet is a work in progress and will be updated as more players affiliate with the movement. If you find an error, please tell us about it in the comments so we can correct it as soon as possible.

The List

Player Most recent league Nationality
Player Most recent league Nationality
Accursi, Taylor NWHL Canada
Adams, Tess NCAA Canada
Ade, Rachael NWHL USA
Adolfsson, Jessica NCAA Sweden*
Agosta, Meghan CWHL Canada
Allard, Marie-Joëlle CWHL Canada
Ambrose, Erin CWHL Canada*
Apperson, Kelty CWHL Canada
Aramburu, Alexa NWHL USA
Asperup, Josephine SDHL Denmark
Åberg, Julia SDHL Sweden
Babstock, Kelly NWHL Canada
Bach, Victoria CWHL Canada
Bannon, Genevieve CWHL Canada
Belanger, Annie CWHL Canada
Bell, Ashton NCAA Canada
Bellamy, Kacey CWHL USA*
Bergstöm, Paula NCAA Sweden
Berndtsson, Lovisa SDHL Sweden
Bolden, Blake NWHL USA
Bozek, Megan CWHL USA*
Brand, McKenna NWHL USA
Brandt, Hannah NWHL USA*
Brault, Sophie CWHL Canada
Brown, Nicole CWHL Canada
Buie, Corinne NWHL USA
Bunton, Hannah CWHL Canada
Burke, Courtney NWHL USA
Burns, Dru NWHL USA
Burns, Jordyn NWHL USA
Burt, Katie NWHL USA
Cameranesi, Dani NWHL USA*
Campbell, Carlee CWHL Canada
Carpenter, Alex CWHL USA*
Chesson, Lisa NWHL USA
Chuli, Elaine CWHL Canada
Clark, Emily NCAA Canada*
Convery, Jessica NCAA USA
Cornine, Kendall NCAA USA
Coyne, Kendall NWHL USA*
Crossman, Demi CWHL USA
Dahm, Lauren CWHL USA
Dalen, Andrea SDHL Norway
Daoust, Catherine CWHL Canada
Daoust, Melodie CWHL Canada*
Darkangelo, Shiann CWHL USA
Decker, Brianna CWHL USA*
Dempsey, Jillian NWHL USA
Desbiens, Ann-Renee AMHL Canada
Desrochers, Melanie CWHL Canada?
Dingeldein, Jenna CWHL Canada
Dostaler, Laura CWHL Canada
Duggan, Meghan NWHL USA
Eisenschmid, Tanja NWHL Germany
Eldridge, Jessie NCAA Canada
Elia, Madeline NWHL USA
Emard, Karell CWHL Canada
Fast, Renata CWHL Canada*
Fedeski, Julia CWHL Canada
Ferno, Nathalie SDHL Sweden
Field, Emily NWHL USA
Fitzgerald, Katie NWHL USA
Flanagan, Kali NCAA USA
Fonfara, Meghan NWHL USA
Forfar, Ailish CWHL Canada
Fortino, Laura CWHL Canada*
Gabel, Loren NCAA Canada*
Gagliardi, Alyssa NWHL USA
Gagnon, Vanessa NWHL Canada
Gamble, Anissa CWHL Canada
Gelinas, Maude CWHL Canada
Goldberg, Chelsey CWHL USA
Goldsmith, Jamie NWHL USA
Gosling, Katelyn CWHL Canada
Grahn, Sara SDHL Sweden*
Greco, Emma CWHL Canada
Greco, Jacquie NWHL USA
Gribbons, Kelly CWHL Canada
Grieves, Meghan CWHL USA
Hakala, Sanni SDHL Finland*
Hampton,Jordan CWHL USA
Harmon, Savannah NWHL USA
Hensley, Nicole NWHL USA
Hickel, Zoe CWHL USA
Hickey, Shannon CWHL USA
Hiirikoski, Jenni SDHL Finland*
Hovi, Venla CWHL Finland*
Hutchinson, Cailey NCAA USA
Iafallo, Julianna NWHL USA
Janiga, Emily NWHL USA
Jenner, Brianne CWHL Canada*
Johnson, Kaliya NWHL USA
Johnston, Rebecca CWHL Canada*
Jones, Jess CWHL Canada
Jue, Melanie CWHL Canada
Juron, Jordan NWHL USA
Karvinen, Michelle SDHL Finland*
Keenan, Emma NCAA USA
Keller, Megan NCAA USA*
Kelly, Lauren NWHL USA
Kepler, Claudia SDHL USA*
Kessel, Amanda NWHL USA*
Knight, Hilary CWHL USA*
Knox, Liz CWHL Canada
Koizumi, Jessica NWHL USA
Křižova, Denisa NWHL Czech
Kromm, Erica CWHL Canada
Lacquette, Brigette CWHL Canada*
Lamoreux, Jocelyne NCAA USA
Lamoreux, Monique CWHL USA
Larson, Bailey NCAA USA
Lavigne, Tracy-Ann CWHL Canada
Leary, Kate SWHL USA
Leslie, Rebecca CWHL Canada
Lewicki, Kristin NWHL USA
Litchfield, Madison NWHL USA
Löwenhielm, Michelle NWHL Sweden
Lund, Karlie NWHL USA
Lund, Margo NWHL USA
Macneil, Mackenzie CWHL Canada
Makela, Amanda CWHL Canada
Martin, Emma CWHL Canada
Marvin, Gigi NWHL USA
McGovern, Katie NWHL USA
McParland, Jenna CWHL Canada
Menke, Amy NWHL USA
Miano, Toni Ann NWHL USA
Mikkelson, Meaghan CWHL Canada
Miller, Alexis CWHL Canada
Morin, Sidney SDHL USA
Murray, Kelly CWHL Canada
Mrázová, Katerina NWHL Czech
Myers, Megan CWHL USA
Newkirk, Makenna NCAA USA
Nurse, Sarah CWHL Canada*
O'Grady, Jessica CWHL Canada
Olofsson, Johanna SDHL Sweden*
Ott, Brittany NWHL USA
Östlund, Julia SDHL Sweden
Pankowski, Annie NCAA USA*
Pannek, Kelly NCAA USA*
Pelkey, Amanda NWHL USA
Peslarová, Klara SDHL Czech
Pfalzer, Emily NWHL USA*
Picard, Michelle NWHL USA*
Platt, Jessica CWHL Canada
Post, Lindsay CWHL Canada
Poulin, Marie-Philip CWHL Canada*
Pozzebon, Josiane NCAA Canada
Prevost, Carolyne CWHL Canada
Purchase, Katherine USports Canada
Quinn, Megan NCAA Canada
Rackleff, Jetta CWHL USA
Rae, Katelyn NCAA Canada
Rafter, Tatiana WHL Canada
Rask, Fanny SDHL Sweden*
Rattray, Jamie Lee CWHL Canada*
Richards, Audra NWHL USA
Richards, Kristen CWHL Canada
Rigsby, Alex CWHL USA*
Rooney, Maddie NCAA USA*
Rougeau, Lauriane CWHL Canada
Ryan, Jenny NWHL USA
Räisanen, Meeri NWHL Finland
Räty, Noora CWHL Finland*
Sass, Kimberly NWHL USA
Saulnier, Jillian CWHL Canada*
Sauve, Kassidy NCAA Canada
Savolainen, Ronja SDHL Finland*
Scamurra, Hayley NWHL USA*
Schelling, Florence SDHL Switzerland
Schipper, Kate NWHL USA
Shaver, Sophia NCAA Canada
Skarupa, Haley NWHL USA
Slattery, Lexi NWHL USA
Souliotis, Mallory NWHL USA
Spooner, Natalie CWHL Canada*
Stacey, Laura CWHL Canada*
Steckein, Lee NWHL USA*
Stewart, Shannon CWHL Canada
Suonpäa, Eveliina SDHL Finland*
Szabados, Shannon NWHL Canada*
Tiley, Shea CWHL Canada
Trivigno, Dana NWHL USA
Tuominen, Minttu Naisten Liiga Finland*
Turnbull, Blayre CWHL Canada*
Turner, Morgan CWHL USA
Tutino, Kayla CWHL Canada
Vella, Jessica CWHL Canada
Wakefield, Jennifer SDHL Canada
Wasylk, Taylor NWHL USA
Williams, Lauren CWHL Canada
Willoughby, Kaitlin CWHL Canada
Winberg, Pernilla SDHL Sweden*
Woodwoth, Dakota CWHL USA
Zafuto, Olivia NCAA USA
Zalewski, Annika NWHL USA
Zandee-Hart, Micah NCAA Canada
* denotes players on a National Team