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How to watch the U18 World Championships

Plus more information you might want to know

Canada’s Nicole Gosling shoots over Sweden’s Selina Aho defends.
Steve Kingsman/HHOF-IIHF

The annual U18 World Championships are here! This year is the 11th iteration of the tournament.

The eight-country, week-long tournament is being played in Obihiro, Japan, a city on the northern island of Hokkaido. Like the senior Worlds, the countries are split into two groups. USA, Canada, Russia, and Sweden are in Group A, while Finland, Switzerland, Japan, and Czech Republic are in Group B.


The preliminary round starts with round robin, with every team playing every other team in its group.

All four teams of Group A advance, with the top two receiving a bye straight to the semifinals. The top two teams of Group B face the bottom two teams of Group A in the quarterfinals.

The bottom two teams of Group B play a best of three relegation series. The loser drops to Division I Group A next year.

2019 U18 Worlds Schedule

Date in Japan Time in Japan Time in EST Team Team
Date in Japan Time in Japan Time in EST Team Team
Jan. 6 13:00 23:00 Sweden Canada
Jan. 6 14:30 0:30 Finland Japan
Jan. 6 17:00 3:00 USA Russia
Jan. 6 18:30 4:30 Czech Republic Switzerland
Jan. 7 13:00 23:00 Sweden Russia
Jan. 7 14:30 0:30 Czech Republic Japan
Jan. 7 17:00 3:00 Canada USA
Jan. 7 18:30 4:30 Switzerland Finland
Jan. 9 13:00 23:00 Russia Canada
Jan. 9 14:30 0:30 Japan Switzerland
Jan. 9 17:00 3:00 USA Sweden
Jan. 9 18:30 4:30 Finland Czech Republic
Jan. 10 14:30 0:30 Quarterfinal: 4A 1B
Jan. 10 14:30 0:30 Relegation: 3B 4B
Jan. 10 18:30 4:30 Quafterfinal: 3A 2B
Jan. 12 13:00 23:00 Semifinal: 1A 4A/1B
Jan. 12 14:30 0:30 Relegation: 3B 4B
Jan. 12 17:00 3:00 Semifinal: 2A 3A/2B
Jan. 12 18:30 4:30 5th place
Jan. 13 13:00 23:00 Bronze Medal Game
Jan. 13 14:30 0:30 Relegation: 3B 4B *if needed
Jan. 13 17:00 3:00 Gold Medal Game

How to Watch

The IIHF is streaming every single game on their YouTube channel.

As an aside, highlights from the 2013 Worlds are also on there.

The IIHF does a surprisingly good job with stats, record keeping, and recaps for every single game. Those can be found on their website.

On Twitter, the hashtag for the tournament is #U18WWC.


No country besides USA and Canada have ever won gold at U18 Worlds. This year USA is looking for a record fifth straight gold medal as well.

U18 History

Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2018 Dmitrov, Russia USA Sweden Canada
2017 Zlin/Prerov, Czech USA Canada Russia
2016 St. Catharines, Ontario, Can. USA Canada Sweden
2015 Buffalo, NY, US USA Canada Russia
2014 Budapest, Hungary Canada USA Czech Republic
2013 Heinola/Vierumaki, Finland Canada USA Sweden
2012 Zlin/Prerov, Czech Canada USA Sweden
2011 Stockholm, Sweden USA Canada Finland
2010 Woodridge, IL, US Canada USA Sweden
2009 Fussen, Germany USA Canada Sweden
2008 Calgary, Albert, CAN USA Canada Czech Republic
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