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Founding 4 Podcast Episode 39: Just Do It!

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Covering women’s hockey is challenging, but not impossible

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We’ve got all sorts of news to talk about on this week’s episode of the Founding 4 Podcast! The NWHL got it’s first team-specific major sponsorship deal, the Buffalo Beauts released details about their training camp and two exhibition games they will be playing in the coming weeks, and we also learned that the Metropolitan Riveters will play their home opener against the Minnesota Whitecaps at the Prudential Center!

You can also listen to this week’s show by clicking HERE!

The Whitecaps became the first team to fill all of their roster spots this offseason. So, unless something unexpected happens, we know what the 2018-19 roster of the NWHL’s expansion team looks like.

We also had a full mailbag this week, so we decided to touch on just a few questions — but don’t worry, we’re saving the rest for another show! We talk about potential lines for a few of the teams, what the Whitecaps’ deal with TRIA means for them and the league, and some great folks to read and follow if you’re a new fan of the NWHL.

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