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Founding 4 Podcast: Catching up with Megan Bozek

The founding Buffalo Beaut discusses her 2018 Clarkson Cup title, #OneLeague, and more

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In our first off season show, we catch up with NWHL alumna Megan Bozek. The founding member of the Buffalo Beauts won a second consecutive professional title as a member of the 2018 Markham Thunder squad. Have a listen:

In a shocking move to many, Bozek was one of the final cuts to the 2018 Olympic roster. She tallied four goals and five assists for Markham in the regular season. She discusses her decision to join the Thunder and what her future holds. We also chat with the Illinois Hockey Hall of Famer about #OneLeague and women’s hockey expansion.

You can also listen to the show by clicking HERE.

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