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Goal by Goal: 2018 Four Nations Cup Game 3 - Finland v Sweden

This game had everything: an almost comeback, a waved off empty net goal.

Team Finland during the bronze medal game of Worlds 2017.
Michelle Jay

FINLAND GOAL - Venla Hovi (Jenniina Nylund, Matilda Nilsson) at 6:30 in the first period

FIN: 1
SWE: 0

FINLAND GOAL - Riikka Välilä (Annina Rajahuhta) at 16:10 in the first period

FIN: 2
SWE: 0

FINLAND GOAL - Emma Nuutinen (Sanni Hakala, Riikka Välilä) at 18:49 in the first period

FIN: 3
SWE: 0

SWEDEN GOAL - Lisa Johansson (Josefine Holmgren) at 17:16 in the third period

FIN: 3
SWE: 1

SWEDEN GOAL - Hanna Olsson (Olivia Carlsson, Lina Ljungblom) at 17:31 in the third period

FIN: 3
SWE: 2

Tomorrow is an off day, which a short benched Finland is surely happy about. A stomach bug has sidelined a portion of their team since yesterday.

Finland thought they had an empty net goal but it was waved off because they had too many players on the ice.