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Goal by Goal: 2018 Four Nations Cup Game 2 - Canada v Sweden

CANADA GOAL - Laura Stacey (Renata Fast) at 8:56 in the first period

CAN: 1
SWE: 0

CANADA GOAL - Mélodie Daoust (Rebecca Johnston, Marie-Philip Poulin) at 14.23 in the first period

CAN: 2
SWE: 0

CANADA GOAL - Sarah Fillier (Natalie Spooner, Sarah Nurse) at 19:00 in the first period

CAN: 3
SWE: 0

CANADA GOAL - Laura Fortino (Renata Fast, Rebecca Johnston) at 2:50 in the second period

CAN: 4
SWE: 0

CANADA GOAL - Marie-Philip Poulin (Daoust, Johnston) at 3:48 in the third period

CAN: 5
SWE: 0

CANADA GOAL - Daoust (Poulin, Johnston) at 6:37 in the third period

CAN: 6
SWE: 0

The Johnston-Poulin-Daoust line accounted for half of Canada’s goals tonight. Like woah.

SWEDEN GOAL - Emma Nordin (Emmy Alasalmi) at 16:51 in the third period

CAN: 6
SWE: 1

Emma Nordin broke the shutout with a late third period goal.

Swedish goaltender, and current RPI goalie, Lovisa Selander faced 52 shots on the night. Canada’s Shannon Szabados faced 19.

Both teams will be back in action tomorrow.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Finland v Sweden - 3 p.m. CST

Canada v USA - 7 p.m. CST