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NCAA Fantasy Hockey Week 2: Weekend Preview

Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The weekend’s coming and that means the trade deadline’s coming! That deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Thursday October 4th, send trades to Trades take place on Thursday night, so any trade you make before the deadline will be in force through Thursday’s BC/SLU game. Costs are on the costs tab on the spreadsheet, and your current roster is on the teams tab.


  • Who’s in action? Every team is playing except the Ivies (Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Yale) and Minnesota State. UConn, Holy Cross, RPI, Syracuse, and Vermont only have one game this coming week; everyone else has two except for St. Lawrence, who have three (two at New Hampshire on Friday and Saturday, and one at BC on Thursday).
  • This will be our first chance to see BU, Maine, Northeastern, New Hampshire, Syracuse and Vermont. Syracuse and Vermont have one game, the others have two.

Top teams notes

Here’s how things look for our top teams by total picks:

  • Clarkson (68 picks total): After Clarkson beat Bemidji 5-1 on Friday, Bemidji stormed back from 4-0 down to 4-3 before losing 5-3 to an empty net goal on Saturday. Kassidy Sauvé ($54.20) was in net for all three of those goals, but her weekend save % was still a respectable 0.938. This weekend Clarkson has two games against Robert Morris, who let in four goals and scored three against St Lawrence.
  • BC (60): As everyone knows, BC fell on the road to Minnesota-Duluth and, perhaps more worryingly, lost Caitrin Lonergan ($69.80) halfway through the first game to a non-contact injury. This weekend brings a game against Syracuse which should give a chance to get the wheels back on the bus, followed by a slightly tougher test against St Lawrence.
  • Wisconsin (57): Outscored Lindenwood 9-2 over two games; this weekend, have two against Mercyhurst.
  • Minnesota (51): Briefly trailed Mercyhurst in the first of two games, but ended up outscoring them 9-2 in total. This weekend, an intriguing and tough series against Minnesota-Duluth.
  • Northeastern (26): Didn’t play last weekend. This weekend, two against BU. BU’s goalie Corinne Schroeder ($30.70) seemed to be their best bet last year, but this will probably still be a good opportunity for Northeastern’s top-end forwards.
  • OSU (26): Last weekend’s two 3-2 victories over Quinnipiac are fine for the national standings, but OSU might worry about letting in four goals total from a traditionally low-scoring Quinnipiac offense. This weekend brings a two-game series against Colgate, who also let in more goals and scored fewer goals than they might have hoped last weekend.
  • Minnesota-Duluth (22): Ryleigh Houston ($18.10) scored three goals over the course of the weekend against BC and Maddie Rooney ($40.50) posted a .944 save percentage, but their highest fantasy scorer was actually Kailee Skinner ($17.70). Can they roll the confidence they’ll get from this result into a strong performance against Minnesota this weekend?
  • Colgate (20): Underperformed by going 1-1 against a depleted Penn State; their best fantasy scorer was Tanner Gates ($16.80) with 2.5 points, and Julia Vandyk’s ($39.30) 0.922 save percentage was good but not stellar, though the killer goal in the second game was an empty netter. Looking to reset against a slightly less disappointed Ohio State this weekend.
  • UConn (20): Had a great series against St Cloud last weekend, with Morgan Wabick (F, $22.4), Camryn Wong (D, $17.90) and Morgan Fisher (G, $14.40) all posting three-points weekends. This weekend, a single game against Vermont.

Intriguing series of the weekend

Keep an eye on Merrimack at Penn State. Gabby Jones ($17.20), Katelyn Rae ($37.30), Mikyla Grant-Mentis ($19.30) and Samantha Ridgewell (G, $32.50) all had three-fantasy-point series against perennial strugglebus inhabitants Union last weekend, while Penn State will be riding high after their Colgate series (in which only Kelsey Crow ($22.80) topped three points). From this series we’ll learn whether last weekend’s suspended Penn State players help or hurt the Nittany Lions, and also get insight into whether Jenna Brenneman (G, $4.50) has locked down the starting position.

Send trades to by 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday October 4th!