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Founding 4 Podcast Bonus Episode feat. “Kicking Ice” writer Stephanie Phillips

Uncanny Heroes: NWHL players to be featured in new graphic novel

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Skype and Bella taking in an NWHL game. Art by Lee Moder
Courtesy of Stephanie Phillips/Kicking Ice

Meet Skye (left) and Bella (middle). Both are 10-year-old hockey players and the main characters of a forthcoming graphic novel, Kicking Ice. In the story, Syke takes Bella to an NWHL game in Connecticut, where the girls both live. From there, Bella is hooked, and both girls find their very own superheroes.

Writer Stephanie Phillips joins us on this bonus episode of The Founding 4 Podcast to discuss more about Kicking Ice, and her own introduction to both the hockey world and the comic world.

Drawn by Lee Moder, and colored by Marissa Louise
Bella wearing her team jersey, inspired by Stephanie’s hometown NHL team.
Courtesy of Stephanie Phillips/Kicking Ice

Stephanie and I recorded this interview at a Tampa comic store, Uncanny Heroes Comics. The name of the store seemed apropos, not only for Stephanie’s NWHL-inspired work of fiction but her own story as well. After spending a few hours with Stephanie in Tampa, I am convinced she is just as powerful as the kick-ass characters she writes about.

Skye befriends Bella, a new girl to her town. Both play hockey for the Thunder. Drawn by Lee Moder.
Courtesy of Stephanie Phillips/Kicking Ice

Have a listen to our exclusive interview with Stephanie about Kicking Ice. You can also listen by clicking here.

Be on the lookout for a special Kickstarter campaign launching Thursday, January 25. You can find out more about Kicking Ice by visiting the website or by following @KickingIce on Twitter.