2018 Women’s Hockey Top 25 Under 25 | The List

Will Alex Carpenter repeat as TIG’s top women’s hockey player under 25?

Welcome to the second edition of the top 25 players in women’s hockey under the age of 25!

2017 Top 25 Under 25 - The Ice Garden

This list was ridiculously hard to pull together. Our eligible player list was over 200 players and spanned all of women’s hockey — from U Sports and NCAA to Olympics teams and everything in between. Sixty-one different players received a vote.

We should note: due to a tie for the 25th spot, it’s actually the Top 26 Under 25. The tie for 25th was one of four ties we ended up with. There’s also five honorable mentions because how do you pick 25 players??!?!

We’re mixing things up a bit with how we’re releasing the list this year. Ranks 25 through 11 will be grouped into three per post. The top 10 will each have their own post. You can follow along below:

HM 1: Katie Fitzgerald, Alexie Guay

HM 2: Élizabeth Giguère, Savannah Harmon, Miye D’Oench

25 - 23: Caitrin Lonergan & Laura Stacey (tie); Kelly Pannek; Renata Fast

22 - 19: Erin Ambrose, Annie Pankowski, Anna Shokhina & Halli Krzyzaniak (tie)

18 - 15: Haley Skarupa, Sarah Potomak & Lee Stecklein, and Megan Keller

13 - 11: Emerance Maschmeyer & Sophie Shirley; Emily Clark; Cayla Barnes

10: Victoria Bach

9: Hannah Brandt

8: Sarah Nurse

7: Ann-Renée Desbiens

6: Dani Cameranesi

5: Lara Stalder

4: Alina Müller

3: Daryl Watts

2: Maddie Rooney

1: Alex Carpenter

Voting Process

I’d like to take a moment at first to thank the friends of TIG who voted. They are all great women’s hockey reporters. Without them this list would have been incomplete. Thanks to Jared Book of ETOTP, Kirsten Whalen of Victory Press, Grant Salzano of BC Interruption, Nicole Haase of Victory Press and USCHO, and Annie of Pension Plan Puppets. The other five voters came from TIG.

The birthday cut off was July 31, 1993. If their birthday was on Aug, 1, they didn’t count. Ten voters cast their votes based off a list of over 200. Players were given points for where they were ranked — a No. 1 ranking gave them 25 points, No. 2 got 24 points, etc. We added every players point total together and then ranked the totals. The player with the highest total was our No. 1 and so on.