2018-19 NCAA Preview: Olympians in the NCAA

Want to know where you can watch some of the brightest young stars of the 2018 Olympics? We’ve got you covered

Last season, college hockey was missing some of its most talented players because of the 2018 Olympics. But, as we all know, the Olympics have been over for months. The medals have been handed out, the tears of joy and disappointment have been shed, and the summer is finally behind us. It’s hockey season.

Today at the Ice Garden we’re going to turn your attention to where some of the Pyeongchang Olympians will be resuming or starting their collegiate careers.

Boston College

Cayla Barnes (USA): redshirt freshman defender

Kali Flanangan (USA): senior defender

Megan Keller (USA): senior defender


Alina Müller (Switzerland): freshman forward

Bonus: Chloé Aurard (France): freshman forward

France was not in the 2018 Olympics, but Aurard is a member of France’s national team that was promoted from Division I Group A to the senior Worlds in April.

Providence College

Sara Hjalmarsson (Sweden): freshman forward


Emma Nuutinen (Finland): senior forward

Note: Because Finland does not have a residency or centralization program, Nuutinen played 23 games last season with Mercyhurst. She picked up two points in six games at the 2018 Olympics.

Ohio State University

Eve Savander (Finland): freshman defender

Sara Säkkinen (Finland): freshman forward


Livia Altmann (Switzerland): junior forward

Note: Because Switzerland does not have a residency or centralization program, Altmann appeared in 33 games for Colgate last season. She also picked up an assist in one of the six games she played for Switzerland at Pyeongchang.


Kelly Pannek (USA): senior forward


Maddie Rooney (USA): junior goaltender


Emily Clark (Canada): senior forward

According to eliteprospects.com there are nine players from Finland, one player from Japan (Runasa Sano, Harvard), one player from Russia (Darya Teryoshkina, Maine), eight players from Sweden, and four players from Switzerland in NCAA Division 1 hockey this year. There are also nine players from the Czech Republic, four players from Germany, and three players from Denmark. So clearly, there is a lot of international talent on display this year in the NCAA beyond the 2018 Olympians.

Which Pyeongchang Olympian in the NCAA are you most excited to watch this season? Let us know in the comments section!