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Göteborg HC joins SDHL

Division 1 team promoted to SDHL after Sundsvall’s shock exit

Göteborg HC saluting after winning a qualification match on February 26th.
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Göteborg HC will join the SDHL for the 2017-18 season, club sports director Jan Mellgren announced on Thursday.

The decision comes after Sundsvall’s shocking announcement that they were withdrawing their women’s team from the SDHL as a casualty of gross financial mismanagement.

“There was never any doubt,” said Mellgren, and added that the organization had already begun working with sponsors and putting the economic necessities in place. In addition, they’ll look to enhance their roster and bring at least one national team member aboard.

The former Division 1 team, located in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, finished with a record of 15-1 with 45 points last year. They barely missed out on SDHL promotion after finishing third behind Sundsvall and SDE in this spring’s qualification matches.

Göteborg HC can be found at their website, Instagram, and Twitter.