Ten Stats and a Movie (Recommendation): World Championships Edition

Ten stats for 10 teams competing at the 2024 Worlds in Utica.

Ten Stats and a Movie (Recommendation): World Championships Edition
Source: IIHF

If you love statistics as much as I do then this article should be a fun one. When I first thought of this idea, I thought 10 stats was just a good round number to work with and I wouldn’t have to stretch myself to find interesting stats. With the World Championships underway, I can’t resist doing a “Ten Stats” article when there are 10 teams at the World Championships. Each team is going to get one stat I found interesting and of course, we’ll finish on a movie recommendation. Hope you enjoyed the first “Ten Stats and a Movie” article and this one will be even more fun.

1. First in combined World Championship games and first in average age, Canada is bringing a heavy veteran roster to attempt to win back Gold. This isn’t out of the ordinary as Canada and the US have generally been the countries who have been able to allow their players a chance to play longer than most other nations. Typically Canada and the USA have been close on average age/WHC games. This tournament and last year’s tournament though have seen the two start to diverge noticeably with the USA sticking around the average age of ~24 and Canada the average age of ~27. With the 2026 Olympics approaching quickly Canada will have some decisions to make as it’s unlikely that the veterans such as Natalie Spooner and Marie-Philip Poulin will lose their roster spots by then.

Chart showing USA rosters getting younger while Canadian roster gets older