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Women's Hockey 101

Video: A Beginner’s Guide to the NWHL

Learn about the league and hear from the players as to why you should cheer for them!

Women's Hockey 101: NWHL Draft

All of the rules, regulations, and history behind the NWHL's draft.

Women’s Hockey Analytics Primer

Let’s talk about stats, baby

Women’s Hockey is Growing Strong

The future is bright.

Mike Murphy’s RITSAC Presentation on Women’s Hockey Analytics

If you missed Mike’s presentation at RITSAC, you can watch it here!

How to follow women’s hockey now that the Olympics are over

You’re hooked on women’s hockey and want more? We’ve got all the deets.

Women’s Hockey 101: Australian Women's Ice Hockey League

Women’s hockey in Australia has a longer history than you think.

Women’s NCAA College Hockey 101

A primer to NCAA women’s college hockey

Women's Hockey 101: CWHL Draft

The history and rules behind the CWHL Draft, including how to follow along this year.