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The Ice Goof Den

For satirical, lighthearted, and humorous pieces.

Women’s hockey halloween costumes ideas

Don’t know what to be for Halloween? We got you

(Re)imagining PWHPA Teams

We’re starting to get Dream Gap Tour rosters, so lets have some fun with hypothetical names and jerseys.

If some of the top players in women’s hockey were Pokemon...

I choose you!

Which US Women’s Soccer Player should you cheer for based on your hockey preferences?

Hockey’s offseason is soccer’s in-season.

If Team USA was a soccer starting 11

It’s the World Cup, and we were feeling a little left out over here

Building the Milwaukee Grey Wolves

Or what happens when someone takes a fun idea far too seriously

Game of Skates: Hockey Players as Game of Thrones Houses

Mild spoilers ahead...

Which women’s hockey players would participate in Red Bull Crashed Ice?

The Ice Goof Den: CWHL and NWHL Mascots

Here are some free (bad) ideas for the CWHL and NWHL

If women’s hockey teams adopted dogs...

They’d all be the h*ckin best, let’s be honest

The Ice Goof Den: Meme City

Feeling those off season blues? Browse through these memes.

The Ice Goof Den: Flying High with Quidditch

What if the NWHL was secretly Quidditch teams from Harry Potter?