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The Founding 4 Podcast

Founding 4 Pod Episode 61: Get Thwacked

The Whale are swimming with a new pod

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 60: The Newark Massacre

Boston brings the heat against the Riveters after NWHL players return from the 2019 Rivalry Series

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 58: The NWHL takes on #Smashville

Madison Packer joins to discuss the Kyle Pavone Foundation

Founding 4 Episode 57: Yesterday’s breaking news, next week!

The Beauts roll over the Pride and Coyne Schofield and Decker put on a show in San Jose

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 56: Nemesisters

A big injury, a winter storm, a week full of news, and a new first place team

Founding Four Podcast 55: So much happened!

Whale roster moves, Casorso vs. Packer, and much more!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 54: #OneBoston?

All the NWHL news from the past week including interview clips from Amanda Kessel, Miye D’Oench, and Madison Packer!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 53: How many goalies?

Sorokina acquired by the Riveters, why Maddie Elia should be an All-Star, and more!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 52: Lights, Scamurra, Action!

Mike & Erica recap the 2018 NWHL Draft, the possibility of a partnership with the league and USA Hockey, and offer movie quotes to summarize their New Years Resolutions for each NWHL team

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 51: Breaking Down the NWHL Draft

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 50: Two coaches down, more to go?

Kelly Schultz joins the podcast to discuss the NWHL Draft, WCHA seniors to watch, and a few odd occurrences in New Jersey last week.

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 49: Why isn’t Elia an All-Star?

All-Star overview, game summaries, and potential goalie ... CONTROVERSY!

Founding 4 Podcast Ep. 48: Last Chapter of the D’Oench Factor

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 47: Stay Sassy!

We discuss Connecticut’s first win, just how good Jillian Dempsey & Hayley Scamurra are for their clubs, Kimberly Sass getting the start Sunday, and much more!

Founding 4 Podcast Ep. 46: Welcome to #Smashville

Women’s hockey is coming to the music city

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 45: The Minne-SoDarnGood Whitecaps

Erica & Mike recap Week 4 in the NWHL and chat about the 2018 4 Nations Cup

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 44*: Warrior, come out and plaaay!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 43: Week One recap feat. Meeri Räisänen interview

A series sweep in the State of Hockey & more from NWHL Opening Weekend

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 42: Take me out to the hockey game

LIVE from Hobey Baker Memorial Rink ... it’s The Founding 4 Podcast!

Featuring Luleå Hockey/MSSK head coach Fredrik Glader and Riveters head coach Randy Velischek

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 40: You Otter Know

The Whale sign four, Ott and Lawler return, and the Rivs (FINALLY) get their coach

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 39: Just Do It!

Covering women’s hockey is challenging, but not impossible

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 38: Minnesota got the Funk

Seriously, Kallison Funk is one heck of a hockey name.

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 37: New Season, New Logo!

Is it really September?

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 36: Respect to the OG NWHLers!

Inaugural NWHL players Packer, Marvin, Doyle return to the ice. Battaglino and Gedman retire, find other ways to remain in the league.

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 35: Buffalo isn’t playing around!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Bolden AND Pfalzer are back!!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 34: Boston’s blue line, the big picture, and some Country Grammar

We talk "the big picture" in the world of women’s hockey.

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 33: Coyne, Koelzer, and a bit about Cassie Campbell

Erica & Mike bring you the most recent NWHL news

The Founding 4 Podcast: Thoughtful!

Mike & Erica chat NWHL schedule, Emily Janiga joins the show

The Founding 4 Episode 31: Interview with Whale forward Randi Griffin

Griffin chats 2018 Olympics, signing with Connecticut, and hockey in North Carolina!

The Founding 4 Podcast: Wick’s words, #SheIs, and MAILBAG!

We catch up on NWHL signings, women’s hockey news, and answer some listener questions.

The Founding Four: Last week, tonight!

Erica & Mike catch up on all the latest signings ... a week ago