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Rivalry Week

Made in Michigan: Why the Univ. of Michigan deserves to go D-I in the NCAA

The state of Michigan has no shortage of women’s hockey talent or hockey fandom — so why doesn’t the state’s largest institution have a D-I program?

National team rivalries beyond the US, Canada

Two National Team players from Europe chime in with who they think they’re biggest rival country is.

From rivals to teammates: Pride players build on history of playing against each other

Though the rivalries might not be quite over, if team practices are any example.

Rivalry Series: 3 players to watch for the US

There are plenty of young studs who might be on Team USA’s radar, but here are a select few to keep your eyes on.

Rivalry Series: 3 players to watch for Canada

We highlight 3 up-and-coming players to watch who could make an impact for Canada

Friendly rivalries and the time I sold my dignity for $5

"Rivalry doesn’t help anybody." - Peter Jackson

Best rivalry in women’s hockey

Our writers talk about which matchup they think is the best.

The three best rivalries in the NWHL

AKA The Many Beefs of Madison Packer

Best rivalries in the NCAA

The top rivalry, plus players to watch, in each NCAA Division I conference