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Ice Garden Podcasts

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 47: Stay Sassy!

We discuss Connecticut’s first win, just how good Jillian Dempsey & Hayley Scamurra are for their clubs, Kimberly Sass getting the start Sunday, and much more!

Top Shelf Episode 47: The Lime Wine

It’s our (pre) Thanksgiving episode!

Top Shelf Episode 46: Hashtag The Youth

A Four Nations wrap up: Should Canada panic? How did The Youth Do?

Founding 4 Podcast Ep. 46: Welcome to #Smashville

Women’s hockey is coming to the music city

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 45: The Minne-SoDarnGood Whitecaps

Erica & Mike recap Week 4 in the NWHL and chat about the 2018 4 Nations Cup

Top Shelf Episode 45: Michelle uses SAT words

And also not SAT words.

Top Shelf Episode 44: Australia’s Exceptional Children

Hannah talks to Alyssa Longmuir about Australian hockey, fancy stats, and more

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 44*: Warrior, come out and plaaay!

Top Shelf Episode #43: Puppies vs. Liv Chu-Ouellette

We have our most heated Start/Bench/Cut yet and talk about how the pro teams have started their season

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 43: Week One recap feat. Meeri Räisänen interview

A series sweep in the State of Hockey & more from NWHL Opening Weekend

Top Shelf Episode 42: CWHL Season Preview

Who will it the Clarkson Cup? Michelle and Hannah preview the season

Top Shelf Episode #41: NWHL season preview

Michelle and Hannah off a comprehensive preview of the NWHL season

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 42: Take me out to the hockey game

LIVE from Hobey Baker Memorial Rink ... it’s The Founding 4 Podcast!

Featuring Luleå Hockey/MSSK head coach Fredrik Glader and Riveters head coach Randy Velischek

Top Shelf Episode #40: NCAA Spectacular

Michelle and Hannah are joined by three guests to get their opinions on the four conferences ahead of the season

Top Shelf Episode #39: Fall Festival and Celine Dion

The hockey will go on!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 40: You Otter Know

The Whale sign four, Ott and Lawler return, and the Rivs (FINALLY) get their coach

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 39: Just Do It!

Covering women’s hockey is challenging, but not impossible

Top Shelf Episode 38: SDHL Spectacular

Special guest Meredith Foster talks about European hockey, the SDHL and weighs in on Meeri Räisänen.

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 38: Minnesota got the Funk

Seriously, Kallison Funk is one heck of a hockey name.

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 37: New Season, New Logo!

Is it really September?

Top Shelf Episode 37: CWHL Draft Debacle

We got a bit heated and talked a lot this week

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 36: Respect to the OG NWHLers!

Inaugural NWHL players Packer, Marvin, Doyle return to the ice. Battaglino and Gedman retire, find other ways to remain in the league.

Top Shelf Episode 36: The Wine Fairy

Hannah and Michelle introduce a new segment!

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 35: Buffalo isn’t playing around!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Bolden AND Pfalzer are back!!

Top Shelf Episode 35: #KnightWatch Ends

We talk a LONG time about a particularly tricky Start/Bench/Cut

Founding 4 Podcast Episode 34: Boston’s blue line, the big picture, and some Country Grammar

We talk "the big picture" in the world of women’s hockey.

Top Shelf Episode 34: Michelle’s musical episode

Hannah and Michelle talk CWHL news, count Me(a)g(h)an, and more

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 33: Coyne, Koelzer, and a bit about Cassie Campbell

Erica & Mike bring you the most recent NWHL news

The Founding 4 Podcast: Thoughtful!

Mike & Erica chat NWHL schedule, Emily Janiga joins the show

Top Shelf Episode 33: The Wet ‘n Minnesota Wild

You can thank Michelle for the best title we’ve ever had

Top Shelf Episode 32: The One Where Brenda Andress Retires

But actually, where can we get Nicole Hensley’s ESPY dress