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PHFuture Considerations Episode 10: Interview with Buffalo Beauts Autumn MacDougall

Around the Rink in the PHF: No Lies in July

This month we got a new PHF team, plus some signings revealed here that haven't been announced yet.

Montreal makes an impact with first seven signings

Montreal’s first seven players include new faces to professional hockey... and some more familiar ones

Breaking down the PHF’s salary disclosure policy

The how, why, and what’s next of salary transparency

PHF announces option for players to disclose salary

What If…? NWHL Version, Part 2

What If...Boston was able to slip another puck past Brianne McLaughlin?

Wicked Angles: Longtime salary silence in FA shows how far PHF has yet to go transparency-wise

What we know so far about the PHF’s Montreal expansion

The PHF’s newest expansion team has prompted a lot of questions. Here are some of the answers

PHF expanding to Montreal for upcoming 2022-23 season

This will be the league’s seventh team, and second true expansion team.

PHFuture Considerations Episode 9: Hoedown Throwdown

TIG Reacts Survey Results: Show us the money

What If…? NWHL Version, Part 1

What If...there wasn't a penalty shot awarded in overtime of Game 1 of the inaugural NWHL Isobel Cup Final?

What PHF hockey cards should (and shouldn’t) look like

Starting in 2022-23, Upper Deck is set to produce full sets of PHF hockey cards. That gives us the entire offseason to get our hopes up

TIG Reacts Survey: PHF player salary disclosure

What do you think about salary disclosure?

All-Star Carly Jackson is just getting started

The newly-minted Six goalie has won over many with her talent and personality, but she has lots more to show.

PHF Roster Recap: end of June

Friesen filled with Pride celebrating Isobel Cup triumph

For the first time in her hockey career, Kayla Friesen can call herself a champion. and so can we!

Beauts Notebook: Free agent camp brings a big turnout, bigger decisions for Buffalo’s front office

Toronto Six name Geraldine Heaney head coach

The Six’s new bench boss is a hockey icon

PHF Roster Recap: Mid-June

The PHF is at 43 officially announced player signings and counting

Around the Rink in the PHF: No June Swoon

Updates from Tryouts in New Jersey and Minnesota, plus hear from the Rivs coaching staff and Tera Hofmann.

PHFuture Considerations Episode 8: Interview with Whale’s Taylor Girard

NWHL historical salary information

PHF Roster Recap: May

25 players are signed for season eight.

PHF announces 2022 Award Winners

Kennedy Marchment becomes first Whale player to win any major award, takes home MVP

PHFuture Considerations Episode 7: They’re collecting Sydneys!

Off season madness and its barely the offseason

PHF reveals nominees for major individual awards

2022 Top 25 Under 25 | 12: Jesse Compher, 11: Mikyla Grant-Mentis

An American and a Canadian, a PHF All-Star and an Olympic medalist...what do they have in common?

Around the Rink in the PHF: May Moolah

An emptying of the notebook in a’s a bunch of notes I’ve been taking since we last met around these parts.

Metropolitan Riveters offseason moves clouded by Digit Murphy hire

Digit Murphy has made her apologies to the trans community, it’s not up to anyone else whether or not they are accepted

Venla Hovi named head coach of Riveters

Hovi becomes the first European woman to head coach a PHF/NWHL team

Mikyla Grant-Mentis signs with Buffalo Beauts

The reported salary ushers in new era of pro women’s hockey in North America has arrived.