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NWHL rebrands to PHF

The NWHL is now officially the Premier Hockey Federation.

NWHL 3-on-3: Beauts, Whitecaps, Six

Three on three? Sounds good to me.

Source: the NWHL is getting a new name

Get ready for the Premier Hockey Federation

NWHL 3-on-3: Pride, Whale, and Riveters

Three on three bop boop bee

NWHL Offseason: Roster Roundup 8/17

Boston drops 18 signings, Rivs and Beauts remain active

Whale add All-Star defender Rebecca Morse

The Riveters’ loss is the Whale’s gain

NWHL releases 2021-2022 regular season schedule

Fans are expected back in the stands and we have another outdoor game on the schedule!

Boston Pride announce 18 signings

The core has re-signed and is bolstered by some new additions

2021-22 PHF Signing Tracker

Keeping tabs on all PHF signings ahead of season seven

Tyler Tumminia officially named NWHL Commissioner

After serving as the league’s interim commissioner for about nine months, Ty Tumminia is officially on board as the NWHL’s new, full-time commissioner

Janine Weber returns for third season with Whale

Connecticut re-signs key veteran presence for 2021–22 campaign

NWHL announces dates for opening weekend

100 days and counting until there’s a rematch of the 2021 Isobel Cup Final in Boston

NWHL Offseason: Roster Roundup 7/26

Buffalo is running laps around the rest of the league right now

The first NWHL International Draft class

The five picks in the inaugural International Draft

Beauts General Manager Nate Oliver has a method to his signing madness

Part 1 of a Q&A with the second-year GM

Everything you need to know about Sunday’s NWHL’s International Draft

The one round draft is at 1 p.m. eastern.

NWHL Offseason: News Roundup 7/19

A lot happened in the league last week. Let’s get all caught up.

Whale sign top pick Taylor Girard

Girard brings an infusion of size, strength, and skill to the Pod

NWHL Offseason: Roster Roundup 7/12

Less than two weeks after the conclusion of the 2021 draft, teams are beginning to sign their selections.

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps

The ‘Caps finished the draft with what could become a franchise blue line, alongside a bulked-up offense and goaltending pipeline

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Buffalo Beauts

Beauts’ seven draft picks are an impressive class

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: The Toronto Six

The Six drafted eight

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Metropolitan Riveters

The Riveters went all-in on defense in the draft

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Connecticut Whale

Pod adds Girard, Polaski to offensive arsenal

A running draft board for the 2021 NWHL Draft

Stay updated with the draft picks as they happen with our constantly updating draft board!

Krysti Clarke could be a game-changing hire for the Toronto Six

Bringing with her a wealth of experience in professional sports, business management and leadership, letting Krysti Clarke take the reins might be exactly what this young franchise needs

Whitecaps, Beauts sold by NWHL

The last two teams under the WHP umbrella have been sold, making the entire league privately owned.

What to watch for in the 2021 NWHL Draft

Angela James joins the Six as an Assistant Coach

HHOFer James will join Mark Joslin behind the bench for Season 7

Saroya Tinker signs with Six for Season 7

It’s Tinker time in Toronto!

Connecticut Whale tap Alexis Moed as general manager

Laura Brennan to serve as assistant GM

Grading the Metropolitan Riveters’ rebrand

Introducing: #SteelRosie