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Around the Rink in the PHF: May Moolah

An emptying of the notebook in a’s a bunch of notes I’ve been taking since we last met around these parts.

Metropolitan Riveters offseason moves clouded by Digit Murphy hire

Digit Murphy has made her apologies to the trans community, it’s not up to anyone else whether or not they are accepted

Venla Hovi named head coach of Riveters

Hovi becomes the first European woman to head coach a PHF/NWHL team

Mikyla Grant-Mentis signs with Buffalo Beauts

The reported salary ushers in new era of pro women’s hockey in North America has arrived.

Mel Davidson joins the PHF as Director, League and Hockey Operations

Davidson will join Lisa Haley in hockey ops as she takes on the role of Director, League and Hockey Operations

Beauts sign Dominique Kremer to two-year deal, first signing of the 2022-23 season

Buffalo kicks off PHF free agency with the first multi-year deal in league history

PHFuture Considerations Episode 6: Mailbag!

Finally, we answer your burning questions!

Looking back, moving forward: a conversation with Ty Tumminia

The former PHF commissioner sat down with TIG to discuss her two-season tenure.

Reagan Carey named 3rd Commissioner of the PHF

The PHF announced that Reagan Carey would take over as the league’s third commissioner, succeeding Ty Tumminia and Dani Rylan Kearney.

Emma Keenan enjoyed her first season in Beauts blue

How does one go from Calgary to New York to Sweden and back to New York? Find out as we get to know Beauts’ defender Emma Keenan after her first PHF season.

PHF Free Agency starts May 1: what to know

The news broke earlier Wednesday morning along with a host of details related to Season Eight and beyond.

Around the Rink in the PHF: April Angst

Lots of news has happened since the Cup was handed out & we try to cover it all. Plus we spoke with two great rookies - Buffalo’s Emma Keenan & Connecticut’s Taylor Girard!

PHFuture Considerations Episode 5: The Galactic Alliance

Catch up on all the off season news so far

Fifteen stats that (help) tell the tale of the 2022 PHF season

Some numbers to reflect on after an unforgettable year of PHF hockey

Anya Packer declines to renew contract as Riveters general manager

The first-year GM tweeted the news earlier Wednesday that she would not reprise her role for Year Eight.

Nicole Corriero named head of Players’ Association of PHF

The PHFPA’s new executive director is a Harvard Crimson legend

Sources: Digit Murphy to be named President of Riveters

The Ice Garden has confirmed with multiple sources that Digit Murphy will be the Team President for the Riveters for Season 8.

My Game Day Routine with Boston Pride’s Jenna Rheault

If you’ve ever wondered how professional hockey players prepare for a game on the road - you opened the right article and, you’re in the right place!

2021-22 PHF Season Recap: Boston Pride

2021-22 PHF Season Recap: Connecticut Whale

2021-22 PHF season recap: Toronto Six

2021-22 PHF Season Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps 

The Whitecaps' regular-season record wasn’t what they are used to, but when the playoffs started they were just as formidable as any other team.

2021-22 PHF Season Recap: Metropolitan Riveters

2021-22 PHF Season Recap: Buffalo Beauts

#6 in the standings, but #1 in your hearts: the Buffalo Beauts, folks.

Around the Rink in the PHF: Playoff Edition

The Pride are the champs, again, and this week we (try to) cover as many angles as we could with lots of perspectives and thoughts.

Inside Brock University’s student organized Isobel Cup watch party

With the help of a professor, Brock SPMA student, Kyra Kwan organized an on campus event for PHF fans to watch the Isobel Cup Final

Wicked Angles: The pros and cons of single-elimination playoffs

Why the next era of PHF playoff hockey should have true series and not single-elimination showdowns.

Boston’s reinforcements help Pride capture back-to-back Isobel Cups

After winning the Isobel Cup in 2021 the Boston Pride reloaded for 2022 and got better?! They started slow but at the end of the day they're back-to-back champs.

Three times the charm: Pride shock Whale for another Isobel Cup

Boston becomes the first team in PHF/NWHL history to win back-to-back titles, as well as to have three Isobel Cup wins under its belt.

Isobel Cup Preview: Boston Pride vs. Connecticut Whale

Do we get back-to-back champs, or do we get first-time Izzy winners? Either way, it’s history in Tampa.

Boston Pride roll to Isobel Cup Final with 5-1 win

Pride get a shot in the arm of confidence with a dominant performance over Toronto

Whale Knockout Whitecaps, Advance to 1st Cup Final

The Whale rode the wave of a four-goal outburst in the second period to eliminate the Whitecaps and advance to their first-ever Isobel Cup Final.