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Original 8

Dempsey and the Pride have unfinished business to settle

The captain of the Pride just keeps getting better

A homecoming marks Corinne Buie’s sixth season in the NWHL

Buie’s departure from Buffalo has been bittersweet

‘It changed my whole direction’: Original Riveter Kiira Dosdall-Arena’s path to the NWHL

Even with 11 years, three leagues, and three championships in professional hockey under her belt, Kiira Dosdall-Arena shows no signs of slowing down.

‘The NWHL has reignited that fire in me’: Elena Orlando on her five seasons in the NWHL

An Original NWHL player, the league has taken her to from New York to Japan to Danbury.

Madison Packer embarks on new journey in season six

The Riveters captain talks expansion team, the pushed back season, and becoming a new parent.

Kaleigh Fratkin finding ways to better her game

The Canadian defender never stops.