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SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Return to chaos

Very little is constant in this sport except the craziness that is one week to the next. We have one poll left before the end of the calendar year.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Bow wow Bulldogs

We finally got some exciting OOC games and they definitely shook things up.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Chaos Sauce

Well that was a bit nutty, plenty of exciting games with exciting results and no one agrees about anything.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Holiday Hors d’oeuvres

It’s our last look at the teams before the big gluttony of OOC games for the holidays.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Quarter Quell

We are really starting to see who the teams really are. The coming weeks will give us a few great OOC meetings but for now the conference play has been generous.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Exciting Engagements

We got to see some great games and some varied results. We only had two sweeps and one of them stood out above the other.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Slippery slopes

Wasn’t the most impressive weekend for most of our poll members but this week sets off some big intra-conference matchups.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Lit Kindling

Things are just starting to get going and we will be starting to see a clearer picture in the coming weeks.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Safe Starts

Most of our teams are taking easier starts so far this season but things should start to warm up soon.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Fresh Faces

We have a new participant in the race to Duluth this season and they are showing potential.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Starting Blocks

Teams are slowly starting to wade into competitive games as the season gets underway. Lots of disagreement among our voters so far.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: On the Brink

And then there were three games. We have our Frozen Four and will have a champion this time next week.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Tournament Time

We have a bracket and ten games left in the season to see who will finish at the top of our poll.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Winding Down

Teams are running out of time to prove themselves.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Playoff Push

The possible permutations of results is quickly dwindling and our teams will be vying for every point they can get as we are only weeks away from crowning a champ.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Closing Time

We are at the end of the regular season, some teams will try to close out seeding while others struggle to close out games.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Complete Chaos

We are getting midweek reschedules left and right as the season slowly wraps up.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Midweek Madness

Upsets and disappointing results everywhere. This week starts the Beanpot in Boston while the rest of the country also plays weeknight games to catch up.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Olympic Overhaul

We have a new number one, we had many upsets and a few almost upsets and we have plenty more excitement to go as teams start to lose players to Olympic duty.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Schedule Scramble

This week could be make or break for a few teams, if any of the games are played that is.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Pandemic Postponements

We are at the point in the season where we do not know which games will actually get played. We have had many games postponed and cancelled as a result of outbreaks among teams.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Welcome Back

Teams are playing hockey again after a few weeks off. The weekend featured a pair of matchups between teams in our poll and they did not disappoint.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Holiday Hold

And we are now in the break as the players will rest up take their finals and get ready to take their best shots at a title run.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Unchanging Craziness

A few more teams wrapped up play for the semester but we will get a couple more series before everyone is off until the new year.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Showcase Showdowns

This weekend brought a number of uncommon matchups that helped most of our voters make some decisions.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Two Horse Race

It feels like the season is just a contest between the ECAC and the WCHA at this point with the others lagging behind.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Creeping Ivy

The ECAC is being led by the Ivy League this season and they are making their marks in our poll.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Steady Silence

We are in a quiet stretch of the season with a lot of teams taking weekends off.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Seeing Red Again

There was a lot of agreement among voters, which simply means we are in for a chaotic weekend.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Western World

It's a western world and we are all just living in it.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Cautious Calm

It was a relatively quiet week, but we have a great matchup to look forward to.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll : Suboptimal Starts

This season is showing to be a real rollercoaster for some teams.