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Minnesota Whitecaps

The “A-Ha” Moment: Ksenia Selemon and the making of an NWHL jersey

A glance behind the scenes from inception to execution

Business as usual for Leveille heading into Lake Placid

6 NWHL players pop in to talk about the bubble

The road to the Isobel Cup is in Lake Placid

Fresh Prints of TRIA Rink

Respect the drip.

A homecoming marks Corinne Buie’s sixth season in the NWHL

Buie’s departure from Buffalo has been bittersweet

Minnesota Whitecaps drop scenic new jerseys

Do the ‘Caps’ new designs make the grade?

Whitecaps re-sign Winny Brodt Brown, Stephanie Anderson, and Lisa Martinson

The enduring icon returns for another year with the Whitecaps

Whitecaps should seek secondary scoring in free agency

Minnesota needs to replace Schammel’s offense and speed, but that is easier said than done.

Beauts’ great Buie signs with Whitecaps

Corinne Buie returns home, signs with Minnesota Whitecaps

Making waves: Potential free agents for the Whitecaps

With only four players under contract for the 2020-21 season, who could the Whitecaps potentially be eyeing?

NWHL Roster Recap: June 13

62 total players have signed thus far.

Roster Recap: May 22

With 53 total players signed, all six teams have real star power.

NWHL cancels 2020 Isobel Cup Final

There will be no 2020 Isobel Cup Champion

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps

The Isobel Cup winner is still up in the air, but Minnesota solidified a successful season.

2020 NWHL Draft Recap: Toronto, Boston, Minnesota

Digging in to what the NWHL’s top two teams and newest team did in this year’s draft

2020 NWHL Draft: Rounds 3-5

The final 18 players to be drafted in the 2020 NWHL Draft

A deep dive into penalty differential in the NWHL

What did taking and drawing penalties mean for each team.

The Unofficial NWHL All-Rookie Team

Six standouts in their first year of NWHL play

2020 Isobel Cup Playoffs Preview: Riveters at Whitecaps

These two teams have split every weekend they’ve played, but there’s only one game left.

TIG Roundtable: NWHL end of season award predictions

Who we think will the end of season awards

NWHL Goal of the Week: Thunderstruck

Thunstrom ends Boston’s winning streak with an exclamation mark

Don’t Worry, Be Cappy: Whitecaps unveils new mascot

New Whitecaps mascot makes waves

NWHL Goal of the Week: Whitecaps’ tic-tac-Audra

Barnes to Anderson to Richards

Bender, Morse, Richards win NWHL All-Star Fan Vote

We now know 11 of the NWHL’s 2020 All-Stars

NWHL Mid-Season Report Card: Minnesota Whitecaps

Grading the first half of the 2019–20 season for the reigning Isobel Cup Champions

How each NWHL team looks a month in

Where do we stand with the season resuming this weekend?

Highlights from the first month of the NWHL season

Hat tricks and nick names and broken records, oh my!

A Look at the New Wave of NWHL Goaltenders

Context and expectations for analyzing NWHL goalies with stats

Boulier starts the season with a bang

No one does what Bou do quite like Bou do

2019-20 NWHL Preview: Minnesota Whitecaps

The reigning Isobel Cup Champions are in the hunt for a repeat

A closer look at the 2019-20 NWHL schedule

Every NWHL team faces unique scheduling challenges in season five

2018-19 NWHL Season Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps

Minnesota isn’t the State of Hockey for nothing