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Minnesota Whitecaps

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Whitecaps forward Ashleigh Brykaliuk

After a recent trip to Connecticut, we were able to get to know Whitecaps’ newcomer Ashleigh Brykailuk a little better with 5 Qs in 5 min!

Someone forgot to plug in the Whitecaps’ power play

After six games Minnesota has more shorties than power-play goals

2021-22 PHF Season Preview: Minnesota Whitecaps

Will the Whitecaps remain a powerhouse in 2021-22?

Whitecaps break offseason silence, re-sign Allie Thunstrom

Is that thunder we hear?

NWHL 3-on-3: Beauts, Whitecaps, Six

Three on three? Sounds good to me.

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps

The ‘Caps finished the draft with what could become a franchise blue line, alongside a bulked-up offense and goaltending pipeline

Whitecaps, Beauts sold by NWHL

The last two teams under the WHP umbrella have been sold, making the entire league privately owned.

How the Whale lost 7-0 in the Isobel Cup Semifinal

And why we can’t judge a team by one bad loss

The Boston Pride are Isobel Cup Champions

2021 Isobel Cup Final Preview: Pride vs. Whitecaps

One team looks to become the first ever two-time Isobel Cup champion tonight

Isobel Cup Semifinal Preview: Whale vs Whitecaps

The Whale are back in action while the Whitecaps look for the technical repeat

Why the Whale have what it takes to sink the Whitecaps

This year Connecticut is so much more than the NWHL’s lovable underdog

For Whitecaps’ Leveille, every day is hockey day in Minnesota

All hockey all day for Amanda Leveille.

Coaches Brennan, Engelhardt break down Whale Whitecaps semifinal

NWHL Lake Placid report card: Minnesota Whitecaps

Minnesota showed up for the bubble ready to build on an almost-championship season

Video Breakdown: The Minnesota Whitecaps’ Power Play

How Sydney Baldwin and others featured on the Whitecaps lethal advantage in Lake Placid

Tonight’s game between the Whale and Whitecaps has been postponed

Update from the NWHL expected tomorrow

Nina Rodgers is seizing the moment in Lake Placid

Rodgers is leading the league in scoring through four games

2021 NWHL season in Lake Placid: day five

Boston struggled against Buffalo while the Six’s streak continued

Amanda Leveille leading the way for Whitecaps in Lake Placid

Leveille has been nothing short of sensational

Audra Richards providing strength, skill, and chaos for Whitecaps in Lake Placid

Richards arrived at Lake Placid ready to play

Whitecaps complete incredible four-goal comeback, with eerie familiarity

History repeats itself in Lake Placid

2021 NWHL Season Preview: Minnesota Whitecaps

The Whitecaps will be shorthanded in Lake Placid

What storylines to expect in Lake Placid

One word: NARRATIVE.

The “A-Ha” Moment: Ksenia Selemon and the making of an NWHL jersey

A glance behind the scenes from inception to execution

Business as usual for Leveille heading into Lake Placid

6 NWHL players pop in to talk about the bubble

The road to the Isobel Cup is in Lake Placid

Fresh Prints of TRIA Rink

Respect the drip.

A homecoming marks Corinne Buie’s sixth season in the NWHL

Buie’s departure from Buffalo has been bittersweet

Minnesota Whitecaps drop scenic new jerseys

Do the ‘Caps’ new designs make the grade?

Whitecaps re-sign Winny Brodt Brown, Stephanie Anderson, and Lisa Martinson

The enduring icon returns for another year with the Whitecaps

Whitecaps should seek secondary scoring in free agency

Minnesota needs to replace Schammel’s offense and speed, but that is easier said than done.