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Selecting the All-Time CWHL Second Team

Another group of the best of the best to play in the CWHL

Selecting the All-Time CWHL First Team

Six of the best to play in the CWHL

Breaking down the CWHL’s Open Letter

"The closure of the CWHL – while significant – will be a small bump in the continued growth of this amazing and competitive global sport."

Brian Idalski tabbed as next head coach of the Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays

Former UND head coach is up next in the KRS coaching carousel

Professional Women’s Hockey Player Association established, issues statement

In another coordinated social media push, #ForTheGame announces PWHPA

Q&A with Kelty Apperson of SDE

Former Inferno forward talks about her next adventure in Stockholm.

The last wave of the CWHL’s 100-Point club

Five players earned their place in women’s hockey history by reaching 100 career points in the 2018-19 season

Online interest in women’s hockey has risen since CWHL announced its closure

Search engine interest in the CWHL skyrocketed — after it folded

Using the Premier Lacrosse League as a blueprint for #ForTheGame

How a lacrosse revolution could pave the way for a women’s hockey league like no other

How We Got from #OneLeague to #ForTheGame

and, maybe, a bit of the why.

A list of players involved in #ForTheGame

We’ve scoured social media to create a list of all 150+ players who are currently striking for better conditions.

Liz Knox on the #ForTheGame movement

The former Head of the CWHLPA talked about the origins and the hopes

A Timeline of the #ForTheGame Movement

The Players are making their voices heard

Over 200 players set to sit out upcoming professional season

The group had a coordinated Twitter statement release

Q&A with Ramina Shlah

The Inferno social media manager talks about her time with the CWHL and the team

A snapshot of the CWHL record book

HHOF responds to CWHL trophy auctions

With their hands tied, the HHOF looks to other to help preserve women’s hockey history

CWHL auctioning off trophies

Maybe the most pointed sign of how bad things are

Two CWHL teams open auctions for jerseys

Funds raised will go back to the league

From the history books: Jess Jones’ Angela James Bowl season

The year Jess Jones took the women’s hockey world by storm

Venla Hovi announces retirement

Naisleijonat forward calls it a career.

Breaking down the North American pro and collegiate teams represented in Epsoo

Which pro and collegiate teams from the U.S. and Canada have the most players playing in the 2019 Worlds?

CWHL to NWHL: They’re (probably) not shipping down to Boston

Canadian players to U.S. teams? It’s less likely than you think.

Report: Former CWHL investor interested in league

According to another report, the NHL has donated additional money to the CWHL.

North American women’s hockey is no stranger to turbulence

If the past is any indication, the future should be fine.

A timeline of (almost) everything since the CWHL ceased operations

Try to follow the wildly bouncing puck

NWHL to add two Canadian teams, receives further investment from NHL

The NWHL will expand for the second time in two years

The CWHL folded - now what happens to women’s hockey in Canada?

You’ve got questions, we’ve (kind of) got answers

This stream has:

CWHL to cease operations on May 1, 2019

Stay updated with this on-going story

The legal reality of #OneLeague

While it appeared both sides were ready for some form of #OneLeague, their legal structures could have made it difficult - if not impossible.

Growing the game in a changing landscape

The CWHL folding leaves a lot of questions about what’s next for the players, teams, and the women’s hockey landscape

Q&A with CWHLPA co-chair Liz Knox

The Canadian goaltender was co-chair of the CWHL Player Association