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Buffalo Beauts

Three ups, three downs: Beauts open at home with a loss to the Six

Merci, merci, the Beauts now have more than Accursi to prop up their scoring.

New colors, but still true colors: Elena Orlando takes one more stab at it in Buffalo

The veteran blueliner is donning a new jersey and has an eye on the ultimate prize: the Isobel Cup.

2021-22 PHF Season Preview: Buffalo Beauts

We may be back to beautiful days in Buffalo sooner than you think.

NWHL 3-on-3: Beauts, Whitecaps, Six

Three on three? Sounds good to me.

Beauts General Manager Nate Oliver has a method to his signing madness

Part 1 of a Q&A with the second-year GM

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: Buffalo Beauts

Beauts’ seven draft picks are an impressive class

Whitecaps, Beauts sold by NWHL

The last two teams under the WHP umbrella have been sold, making the entire league privately owned.

Whale acquire first overall pick, Beauts head into 2021 Draft with seven picks

Two trades made just two weeks before the draft!

Beauts Notebook: Free Agent camp

All the tea that’s fit to spill from this past weekend... iced, of course.

Top Three: what the Beauts should look for ahead of Free Agent Camp

Buffalo will be looking for key players in its free agent camp

Beauts re-sign Jackson for 2021-22

Buffalo brings back CJ for a second season

Overlooked performances on the 2021 Buffalo Beauts

Matteau, MacDougall, and MacPherson were all key contributors for the Beauts.

Buffalo Beauts honor memory of superfan with new award

In memory of Deb Cresanti, this new trophy will honor the Beauts player most dedicated to the Buffalo and Western NY community.

Beauts name new head coach at start of their offseason

Rhea Coad takes over the reins after two seasons with Pete Perram at the helm.

NWHL Lake Placid report card: Buffalo Beauts

Aside from an outstanding rookie in goal, Buffalo had little to celebrate in a shortened season

Whitney Dove of the Beauts deserves your attention

Dove brings a unique set of skills to Buffalo’s defense

2021 NWHL season in Lake Placid: day seven

Boston dominates the Elimination Game That Wasn’t

2021 NWHL season in Lake Placid: day six

Six for the Six on Day Six. Oh yeah, and Boston too.

2021 NWHL season in Lake Placid: day five

Boston struggled against Buffalo while the Six’s streak continued

Beauts go into best-of-three rematch against Boston: three keys to playoff success

The Beauts have yet to win this season, but they gain a key component just in time for a crucial play-in series

2021 NWHL season in Lake Placid: day four

Boston continues slump while Six start streaking

Three ups, three downs: Buffalo in a hole early in a short season

The Beauts have one point of a possible four — the back end is improving, but the offense leaves a lot to be desired so far

2021 NWHL Season Preview: Buffalo Beauts

After last year’s struggles, can the team succeed in the absence of its stalwart leader?

Beauts’ Taylor Accursi to sit out NWHL season six

The Beauts will be without their captain and 2019-20 leading scorer as they head into the Lake Placid bubble in a week’s time

What storylines to expect in Lake Placid

One word: NARRATIVE.

The “A-Ha” Moment: Ksenia Selemon and the making of an NWHL jersey

A glance behind the scenes from inception to execution

6 NWHL players pop in to talk about the bubble

The road to the Isobel Cup is in Lake Placid

A homecoming marks Corinne Buie’s sixth season in the NWHL

Buie’s departure from Buffalo has been bittersweet

Buffalo Beauts unveil new jerseys on NWHL Open Ice

With less than two months to go until the projected start of the regular season, the NWHL revealed the uniforms that will be worn by the Buffalo Beauts in season six

All-Time Starting Lineup: Buffalo Beauts

Who cracks the Beauts’ starting six?

From Plainfield to the pros: Lisa Chesson’s rise and return to hockey

From the suburbs of Chicago to the Vancouver Olympics, Lisa Chesson’s hockey career has taken her all over North America. We sat down with the defender to reminisce, and preview her return to the NWHL.

Beauts round out their bench naming Rhea Coad as Associate Head Coach

A new role for Coad in her second year with the team.